And hows your day been.......


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Sep 3, 2006
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Boring :sleep: God am i the only bored one here i keep coming on the computer and then off im sooo bored its unbelievable im trying to think of something to occupy my mind mmm shame the o/h wasnt here :rofl: Otherwise he could be my amusement!!! :lol: Thankfully though the inlaws have gone out they have been driving me crazy most of the day if i wasnt so nice im sure i would :gun: them both :rofl: :lol:
Very bored too, havent got anything to do, Jase is in work till 11 so once the kids go to bed i will be even more bored!

Are they staying with you or you with them or something? :lol:

Moi still in my PJs :shock: I do have a bath ran though ......

Tonight the chat room if I remember coz we going to be havinga late dinner so might just go on for a while & leave you all :(

I haven't plugged my SNES in yet so I'm defo gonna be doing that :twisted:
My oh is at work til then too luckily i only have one of my lo's with me but she's sound asleep at the moment anyway so here i am...........
Mines been pretty good!
We finally have the bedroom finished, just gotta wait untill the morning for it to dry and all the furniture will be taken back in! :happydance:
Are they staying with you or you with them or something?

Wobbles we live with the inlaws unfortunately its a pain in the arse and the mil well is doing my nut in :evil:
I couldnt imagine living with my inlaws. I think id have to shoot myself first!

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