Any nurses or student nurses on here?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by katherinegrey, Oct 6, 2013.

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    I attended two open days yesterday for children's nursing, and both stressed how competitive the courses are and how your personal statement really needs to stand out, I was wondering if anyone has any tips for me?

    Personal statement tips?

    Interview tips?

    The role of a nurse in a nutshell?

    Thanks in advance. I'm really stressed out over how competitive it all is!
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    Having some experience can really make you stand out (even voluntary). Anything such as care work at a local rest home, working with children (I'm afraid looking after your own doesn't really count), etc..

    Interview tips - They will probably ask you things about nursing in the media, why you want to be a nurse and why you chose that particular branch, what YOU can offer the nursing world, and how you deal with stress and stressful situations.

    The role of the nurse in a nutshell is tough. A nurse provides basic care for activities of daily living (washing, dressing, eating), but also provides knowledge, empathy, advocacy, teaching... You are there in a holistic way, focusing on the whole picture including home situations and the family members.

    Check out this article
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    I have a degree in childrens nursing and when I started I was 17 and didnt have a clue I hadnt even changed a nappy so im not sure how I actually got in.

    I do think looking after your own children counts as when you are a first year student you tend to get jobs that the nurses are too busy for like feeding, changing, bathing etc if the parents arent there, you will also have knowledge of how worried a parent and child would be in hospital and would be good at speaking to the parents ( better than I could have anyway)

    I remember we were told to make sure it is patient led care and each child had a care plan so everyones needs are tailored too, it is also important to include the parents and make sure they are cared for too.

    I remember my interview was a group interview and questions were asked and we discussed them as a group. Just remember to be heard and even if its things you arent to sure of contribute something to the discussion.mine was in 2007 so could have change since then!!

    I think if you come across as caring and confident then you will habe a good chance as alot of nursing is making the child feel safe and happy (and the parents)
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    I'm a student nurse!

    I honestly cannot remember what exactly I put in my personal statement but I avoided the whole wanting to care type things and like a pp said focus more on things going on in the media.

    Have a read into the 6 C's of nursing and definitely mention this in your interviews at any available opportunity! There's lots of changes happening within the NHS at the moment so make sure you know about that too.

    I didn't have any experience but still got offers from all uni's I applied to. I think being a parent is experience in itself. I also made sure to mention that despite having a child I wasn't afraid of shift work etc.

    Life as a student nurse is certainly hectic! There's lots of assignments and placements can be quite intensive - 16 hour shifts on my last 10 week placement! But during our uni blocks we get a lot of time off, at least a few days a week. You get 7 set weeks holiday a year but you'll have reading weeks on top of that too.

    Childrens nursing is really competitive - I'm doing adult nursing but the course structure is the same.

    Any questions feel free to ask!! X

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