Anyone else's partner have azoospermia (Zero sperm count)

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by MissWaiting, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. MissWaiting

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    We just found out that my partner on both sperm analysis has a zero sperm count we have a blood test to run a hormone panel and genetic testing and they said he would need to go for an ultrasound but that is all we know at the moment and that ivf is likely our next step once we have more awnsers about my oh.
    Anyone else going through this process or been through it ?
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    Feb 16, 2019
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    Only from the point of view that my partner is also a female. We started the IVF process but were also trying with a known donor at home and were lucky with a spontaneous pregnancy after we’d only spent £2000 of the expected £20000. Now 19 weeks and counting. The whole clinic thing I found incredibly stressful as I was 40 then (41 now) and the nearest facility is a 2 hr drive each way. The number of appointments was huge and my job requires lots of notice to have time off and a lot of good will from my colleagues to cover duties. My partner also wanted to come, and our known donor needed to attend on 3 occasions also so it was a lot of trying to match up everyone’s schedules and fit in with the clinic requirements too. They were very good in trying to get as many things as possible done each visit for all of us.

    I was also really surprised that it was actually about £1500 more expensive overall to use a known donor rather than anonymous clinic sperm. The clinic were also a lot less familiar with the process of that and kept trying to push us towards anonymous. Very different for us compared to your situation, but we wanted our kid to have a male figure in their life as well so it was important for us to use one of our friends.
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  4. mimi4

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    A friend of my sis had a male factor, and got pregnant via IVF x

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