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Discussion in 'Gestational Complications' started by HLx, Jul 9, 2019.

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    I'm 22+3 and my suffering with severe acid reflux which usually results in my vomiting every morning. I went to my GP and he prescribed me gaviscon advance for the reflux and prochlorperazine for the sickness. I'm reluctant to take any medications in pregnancy, I'm fine with heartburn/reflux medication but while googling about the medication he gave me for sickness it says not to take it during pregnancy, it's used for HG in low doses and schizophrenia in high doses, I have a low dose but I doubt exactly have HG either, I'm sick once in the morning and that's it, I feel sick for most of the day due to the burning horrible acid taste in my throat but nothing along the lines of hyperemesis...

    Days like today in having an off day with the reflux and I feel absolutely dreadful, almost as if in back in 1st tri again, I've had nausea all day and my chest and throat is on fire, if I hadn't just eaten I would have made myself throw up by now just to feel better, I could really do with taking one of the tablets he gave me.

    Anyone taking it in second trimester and says it's safe?

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