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anyones baby have a......


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Nov 12, 2006
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does any of your little ones have a cavernous hemangioma? its atype of birthmark thats under the skin.
lily-maes having problems with hers at the moment. its rapidly grown in size and is infected. her paed is monitoring it closely but im still worried, as he has mentioned removing it if it causes further probs.
anyone else been through this, im really worried :cry:
Not something I've heard of, sorry :( Poor Lily has really been through it hasn't she :(
I haven't heard of it either. Wish i could help - sorry!
Awwwwww hun, sorry I have no advice, but wanted to wish her well :hugs: x
its one of these:


OMG !!!!! the pics are HUGE ! sorry, i dont know how to resize them :oops:
and by the way, my carpet is not that colour lol ! that camera makes everyhting look dark. omg, those pics make me look like a tramp lol
aaaawwww hun i have never seeen that before if u had not said it was i would say she has buries herself aaaawwww :hugs:
i know. everyone keeps asking me what ive done to her :(
by the wasy, she isnt playing with an electrical item. the wire is for her apnea alarm :D lol
stop worrying bout wires n carpet ;) ur too hard on urself!!!! i thot the birthmark u were on about mite have bn the red ones tht look like a strawberry, soz i cudnt help xxx
ahhh well i no a wee bitty bout thm!!! my mum had 1 on her head n got it removed cos it started 2 grow!!
twinkletoes said:
by the wasy, she isnt playing with an electrical item. the wire is for her apnea alarm :D lol

Twinkletoes, we are not judging you.....chill....Breathe, now post again, stop worrying about what people think hun :wink:
Awww hon, the poor thing :( :hugs: for you both
lily-maes has grown too. before it was just the red bit on her skin. it wasnt raised or anything, and she woke up one day and it was like that !!!
yes. shes under a consultant at the hospital as she has other problems too. and hes seen it and wants to keep a close eye on it. apparently its infected (dont know how, it felt hot 1 day so i took her to the doctors to get it checked and gp said its infected) so shes on antibiotics. paediatric consultant says it may need to be removed if infection doesnt clear up, or if it causes further probs. shes having an ultrasound on it to see how deep under the skin it goes ect

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