argos bargain!!!! £60 travel cot,buggy and bouncer!!!


lucky mum of one of each!
Aug 31, 2006
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fabby deal i thinks!!!
am thinkin o gettin it likes as i need (another!!) travel cot and am wantin a new buggy!!! fab price likes
Id get it for the travel cot and for a spare buggy! Havent got £60 though lol.
snap!!!! will need 2 w8 a couple of weeks i finks!! bloody inland revenue :evil:
Anyone got £120 to give to split between me and Yvanne :lol:
Kidding - I wish I'd not looked at my bank this morning I tell you!!!! :shock:
Mines a nearly a grand OD then we'll not mention my credit card :oops:
no no joy as such bloody stupid polite arsed woman on the phone sed 2 me, ooooh it will be in soon.... it cant be all that bad!!!!!!! at which point i lost it screaming at her..... u try looking after 2 kids off £300!!!(darren is giving me money butssssh she dont know thaT) she was like kids oooh i dont have them, i wa slike AAAAARGH fuck off!!!! n hung up lol
You were nice & polie & kissing ass to get your money then I see BEFORE you spoke your mind & told her to feck off?


I hope they sort it soon hun :hugs:
ive gave up bein nice 2 them(sorry to anyone if they work tere n get me on the phone!!!!) last time i had a change in circumstances it took then 19 weeks 2 sort out my payments!!!!!!!! and then they had the cheek to say they had overpaid me!!!!!!

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