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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by little_pod, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I supose i am just curious as to what routine your baby is in if you have one?
    Do you follow anyones routine or do you just go with your and your babies own?
    How old is your baby, at what age did your baby sleep through the night and is this your 1st baby-i know its harder to get into a routine if you have 3 or 4 other children....

    Like i said im just curious a routine, but it didnt work and my baby is now happy doing her own thing!
    i'll start off!

    This is my 1st baby and she is nearly 8 weeks old...

    She wakes up about 8.30/9am and i get her washed and dressed.
    She plays on her playmat and has a good kick for about half an hour, this ables me to sterilise bottles.
    10/10.30am she has a 5 oz bottle.
    11.30am ish she starts to get tired, and i put her in her moses basket which is in her cot in her bedroom, and make sure she goes down with a dry,clean nappy...she is nearly always asleep by 12noon-she goes off to sleep by herself. (if we are out she obviously doesnt go to sleep in her bedroom)
    2/2.30pm she wakes up and has a 5 oz bottle of hungry baby formula.
    She then may go back to sleep-however she feels really,anywhere between 3.30-5pm-i dont think she goes in a deep sleep.
    Her daddy gets home at 5pm and he plays and spends time with her.
    We bath her about 5.45pm ish and then get her in her pj's.
    She has a 5oz bottle at 6/6.30pm ish.
    We play, i sing to her and she laughs-i think she finds my singing funny :haha:, and she plays and giggles in her swing.
    She gets tired about 8.30/9pm ish and will have a half hour cat nap-she is nearly always awake at 9.30pm.
    She then has a 6 oz bottle of hungry baby formula at 10/10.30ish, and i put her down to bed and she is nearly always asleep by 11pm.
    She wakes about 3.30am and i give her a 2 or 3oz bottle.
    She then wakes at 6am-normally always on the dot! and she has a 5 oz bottle of hungry baby formula and then goes back to sleep until 8.30/9am.
    I am hoping she will drop the 3.30am feed soon, as she use to have 10pm feed then wake at 1.30am have a bottle at 2am and then wake again as early sometimes as 4.30am,so im glad now we are just having the one night waking and not two, but to be honest she wakes at 3.30am has 2 or 3oz and then she is straight back to sleep.Mybe she will give te 3.30am feed up soooon!
    She is a formula fed baby and on sma xx
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    we didn't plan a schedule for Jarrett, but pretty much fell in to one.

    10:00 am - wake up, bottle
    10:30 am - diaper changed, get dressed. Jarrett plays in swing while I pump
    11: 00 am - Tummy time, sits with me while I talk/sing with him
    12:00 - bottle/diaper change
    12:30 - pump, Jarrett in swing or next to me on couch
    1:00 pm - nap
    1:30 - up again, sits with me or whatever.
    2: 00 pm - bottle, diaper change
    2: 30- I pump
    3: 00 - Nap
    4:00 - sititng with me, walking around the house, whatever I can do to amuse us (lol)
    4:30 - OH gets home, has cuddles with dad
    5: 00- bottle, diaper change
    5:30 - more cuddles with dad while I pump
    6:00 - In swing while we eat supper
    6:30 - cuddles while we relax, or take turns doing whatever we need to do (shower, dishes, my school work , etc)
    8:00 - bottle, diaper change
    8:30 - I pump
    9: 00 - bath, gets pajamas on
    10:00 pm - goes to bed
    11:00 pm - dream feed
    11: 30- I pump
    12: 00 - I go to bed
    6:00 am - wakes for bottle, goes back to bed til 10
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    this is how most of our weekdays are..but ill start from the night, seems easier

    he has a bath 10ish gets onto pj's then a bottle (he has 7oz bottles) then sleeps in his cot in our room
    he sleeps for 6 hours most nights, 7 if were lucky lol
    so wakes 6 hours from when he went to sleep which is usually around 5am
    has another bottle and sleeps for another 3/4 hours til 8/9am, another bottle
    get him changed etc
    then the day is a mix of short naps, a 3/4 hour sleep, playing talking etc and bottles every 3/4 hours


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