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Feb 20, 2007
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Cant believe it is Sunday evening and have to go back to work tomorrow :hissy:

Weekends go waaayy to fast for my liking!!
yep they do tht!!!! (not tht i get weekends off liek lol) monday is my mega busy day :hissy:
Well i worked yesterday so it makes it worse ... only do 1 in 3 saturdays though so its not too bad. Just really cant be bothered to go in tomorrow .. and i got loads of ironing to do so im just being grumpy :rofl:
I have to work every Saturday:cry: Hardly get any off even when i ask.

Thankfully i get monday off so i still get a kinda weekend.
I think having Monday off would be good .. at least shops etc would be quieter if you needed to get anything. I went to the mall on saturday and was so packed was ridiculous .. ended up not really getting anything!
only pain is hairdressers as most close on a Monday.
Yea thats a good point .. the hairdressers i go to is shut on a monday .. thought it was just them though .. lol
mine is shut on a mon 2 lol
its a hairdresser thing, don't know y they pick monday tho.
weird huh!!! maybe cos they get alot of clients on a sat so dont wanna lose business?
yeah but why pick Monday whats wrong with Wednesday, or tuesday.
well tuesday is pensioners day, dunno bout wed lol
I hate Mondays :hissy: I hate work full stop!! lol
I would if i could find one lol.

We do have a mobile one in village but she does the 2 old dears in the street, and when the witch next door had hers dyed it was god awful, so don't really want her anywhere near me with scissors:rofl:
:rofl: im lucky i get mine done cheap as i know my hairdresser
BIL ex used to do mine but then they split up.

I used to take days hol, but used it all up bar a week for 1/2 term, so bit stuck.

Will have to try and find another one. I'm so picky.
Mines shut on a mon too, i always thought it was just them!

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