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Been shopping


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Aug 31, 2006
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.... ARGH

Bought lots of fruit & some bran flakes to deal with my bathroom problems & pains :blush:

Bought some orange & mango juice in replace of coffee maybe :wacko: Although I did buy half caf coffee for mornings but I drink coffee more when I smoke SOOO with a nice healthy balance of fruitI had a nice healthy balance of about 10 bags of sweets beside it :rofl: Going to try replace my cigs with sweets & coffee with orange tomorrow!!

Still gutted about the peanut butter though :cry:Although I may get over that with all the strawberrys & fresh double creams I bought LOL
sounds like u borught loads u will give up the fags u will just a sugar addiction heheheh
I wouldnt worry that you are eating more sweets .. at least not for the first couple of weeks. You got to do whatever it is that makes it easier for you. As long as you are still eating a balanced diet with fruit and veg it shouldnt make too much difference.

Very proud of you for how well you have done :hugs:
well done Char you are doing fabby.

You sure you cant have peanut butter? Ask your mW when you have bookin in. I am sure health professionals try to make us paranoid,not fair all this cant and dont do stuff.

I told you Wobbs, get the cashew nut butter from Holland and Barret, it's fab!
I had craving for Snickers and I have asthma and excema oh god feel really bad now hope melie will be ok for future,didnt think before..
I was always careful what i ate when pg, with Gabriel did everything by the book, breastfed up until he was a year, yet at a week old he developed eczema which was chronic, now just dry skin, have to keep him plastered with cream, and skin very sensitive, chronic hayfever, food intolerances, mild asthma.

I wouldn't worry too much bex.

I often wonder what Gabriel would be like if i hadn't been careful.
Sounds like a good shop Wobbles. I hope your bathroom troubles ease soon, but look on the bright side.... it's another good sign! :thumpup:
You are doing great babe!!!!

BEX you are NOT allowed peanut butter woman....:wacko:

With Jade I ate snickers daily, that was my craving and when I got told NOT to eat ANYTHING contaning peanuts (especially as I have hayfever)....I could have died, I felt soooo bad as I had had tons of snickers :cry: So I steered clear this time round!

Keep up the good work Wobs! *bows at feet* x
LOL @ Tam,right consider my knuckles rapped lol. You know what Ia m like so blase about stuff I should get serious I know naughty girl. I ate tons of snickers lol
Next babe I will avoid I promise


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