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Sep 4, 2006
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Hi all, sorry this is really personal but just wondered if its normal really lol?
The last couple of times that me an OH have BD'd its hurt if he pushes to far in :oops: :oops: like hes knockin something im cringing as i write this sorry tmi but just wondered if anyone had any advice!
it could be your cervix hun ive only just clicked on that mine hurts sometimes if its low and hes all the way inside me sorry if tmi is it quite painful or can you still go on ???
i have to stop him or ask him not to go so far in :oops: its really painful.
glad im not the only one though!
it kinda kills the moment though :lol:
I hate that! Not nice when you're in the mood!

I was violently sick about 4 years ago when the pressure hit me rather fast!
:lol: :lol: so glad im not the only one i feel relived i thought there was somethin wrong :lol: like my insides were all fallin lol!
Certainly shit when your in the mood for a good seeing to :lol:
i used to get a really sharp stabbing pain in my sides it was like hehad a hook inside me stabbing me :lol: i remember a few times i did bleed though but this was before having Colby but it seems to be fine well its been fine the past twice :lol: :lol:
thank the lord, i have been getting worried about this too, has happened a couple of times this month.bxox :oops:
ive had it to hun so no ur not the only ones it bloodt hurts tho happend the other nite to sorry tmi
I experienced that type of pain and talked my dr about it. I had irritation on my cervix from pressure and changes from the pregnancy. We just stopped the bd for about a week to give my body a break and after that everything was fine. Hope you feel better.
I had that with my hubby one of the first times we had sex, it hurt so bad that we went to the hospital. Lol The nurse have me the funniest look when I told her what happened.
She checked me out and was like, well you didn't tear anything so just take it easy, and let us go.

So embarrassing!

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