Breastfeeding after previously experiencing low supply

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Reiko_ctu, May 3, 2021 at 5:08 AM.

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    Ok, so when I was 26 and 29 I BF my 2 babies easily and they gained perfectly, weaned each at 18 months.
    Then when I was 31 I had my 3rd baby, and for about 1 month she gained really well. Then slowly without my realizing it my supply dropped. At 7 months she was barely getting anything and was in the 5th percentile. The pediatrician told me to wean her and start formula immediately. But I couldn’t get her to take a bottle so I ended up taking a bunch of natural supplements to increase my milk supply. It worked to an extent but not as well as I’d hoped.

    anyways, now I’ll be 34 when this baby is born and I’d like to BF again, but worry that I will have low supply again.

    has anyone successfully fed a subsequent baby after struggling with supply in the past? Any tips to help me make milk? I’d rather not spend $30 a month on supplements that make me smell like curry :/
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    Hello, I'm not sure if I have any helpful advice for you, sorry. I will say that you shouldn't be concerned about age being a factor, I'm not aware of it being relevant. I was 41 when I gave birth and Bf'd till 20 months. I think that you should trust your own experience, you know what it's like when things go smoothly and when they don't, so you will recognise the signs, if baby isn't getting quite enough, sooner this time. Concentrate on yourself having a good diet and plenty of fluid and maybe topping up on post natal vitamins and see how it goes. Good luck.
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    I wouldn't attribute it to age, my mother breastfed my youngest brother the longest out of all of us and she was almost 40 when she had him. Also I had supply issues with my first and then breastfed my second with no issues at all!

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