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Cat's nappy visit


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Nov 17, 2006
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So how did it go?

What have you gone for?

I'm far too interested aren't I :roll: :lol:
LOL I only just saw this, I have just written a post in the general chatter bit.
I know I dont want fleece wraps as they are really bulky ontop of the nappy as well. Im definatly veering towards tots bots. The Pocket nappies look really nice but I really think they will work out expensive. The nappies in general wernt as huge as I thought they would be, (apart from the minky huggle or what ever they were called which were huge) Ialso feel like I would prefer popper fastning, as I struggled with a nippa, and noah is very squirmy, plus Ididnt really think before but the applix doesnt wear as well over time, as I plan to use them on subsiquent babies the hooks wear out and come off, popper will make it easier to do them up and then put them on like pants too.
She also showed me a great option for when I initially introduce noah to the potty, the motherease sandys were really elasticated and pracitical for this I thought.
So I have ordered my nappy trial this morning so will be giving them a go next week with any luck!
You started yet then Cat? :D

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