CD57 and think Im just now ovulating!

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by LiSa2010, Jun 7, 2011.

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    :hi: ladies!
    Ive been TTC since my m/c back in Oct 2010.
    before my m/c, AF was right on schedule, every 26-28 days :thumbup: but ever since the m/c, she has gone crazy.... with this being my longest cycle ever in my life :nope:. my first cycle after m/c it was 38/39 days long. this is my 5th cycle after m/c....

    I had a FS appt on May26 and doc wants me to wait to see if I get AF on my own. I have scripts for cd3 & cd21 and if I don't get AF by Jul 1st, I have a script to go for blood testing that day... I then have to make an appt to see him 2 weeks after to go over results and will do an u/s to see what's going on.

    well after days of thinking that I O'd on cd13 and then cd26 there is still no sign of the darn witch. which brings me to today... so a little before 1pm EST, I went to the loo and had ovulation EWCM and have been having some cramping since....

    has anyone had long cycles like this and/or ovulate late? could this be me Oing now?

    what do you think? any help is appreicated :hugs:
  2. sunshine314

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    Apr 5, 2011
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    This hasn't happened to me (I don't ovulate at all on my own) but my best friend had very regular cycles and was trying for about 10 months. Then she had a period at the end of May and never ovulated in June...finally, in the middle of July, she ovulated (could tell due to EWCM and OPKs). She found out she was pregnant in early August and just had a beautiful baby girl on April 14th.

    So yes, it can happen, and I bet it happens more often then you think :)
  3. alwayswishing

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    Jun 3, 2011
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    I have pcos so cycles are all over the place!!! Thought I just ovulated on cd65, felt the short sharp pricks and then ov cramps, the same when I was on clomid, so I think it is possible!! best of luck:)

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