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Charting your BBT


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Aug 29, 2008
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I'm going to start doing this this month (I should have taken my temperature this morning as it is the first day of my period but I didn't have one so I only bought it this afternoon). What I want to know is if this works or not because from what I've been reading, when your temperature "spikes" that is after you've ovulated which is surely too late. I know you are still fertile for 2 days (apparently) after you've ovulated but can you tell from your temperature when you are going to ovulate before it actually happens?

I'm also going to use OPKs this month. Just wondering, do you use them from the first day your period ends or after about a week or so when you are likely to ovulate?
Hey hun,

I havent charted my temp, last month I just used OPK's from about CD11, got a +ve on CD15 so carried on :sex: a couple more days.

I was going to chart my temp but you have to do it every morning and Im not too good on a morning at remembering stuff like that! :rofl:

I think the OPk's are better cos they tell you when your about to OV and with the temp it tells you when you already have...which is too late!! :rofl:

Good luck this month hun, Im on CD7 now!!! Heres to a :bfp::bfp: for us!!

Were you born in 1981??
I'm gonna give this temperature thing a go. See what happens.

Yep, was born in 1981. Will turn 27 in November. I take it you were born in March 1981?
Hi Susan

You are right. The temp changes too late to use as a BD'ing guide!! However, temping allowed me to work out my cycle when I was just starting TTC. It helped me see when I get different mucus and then put the whole picture together. It also confirms ov for me, as sometimes that doesn't happen for me.

If you have regular cycles, then temping for a few months should confirm ov on roughly the same day - making it easy to predict future cycles without spedning loads on wee sticks etc.

I also like temping cos I am a bit irregular and it helps me keep track. Also I like (well hate...but like cos its useful) it when my temp dips at AF cos otherwise I don't believe its AF ('but it could be implantantion bleeding' etc etc I convince myself otherwise!!)

Good luck

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