Cheap Clearblue Pregnancy Tests - £6.50


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Aug 31, 2006
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Worth it to keep them in ready!!

Not at all since they are £11.45 in Boots

Although they have an offer at the moment:

Free Clearblue Single Test
Buy Clearblue Twin Pregnancy Test Kit and get 1 Clearblue Single Pregnancy Test Kit free.
It will be automatically added to your basket
I've always used eBay either that or the Tesco pink tests which are just under £6

Wobbles said:
I've always used eBay either that or the Tesco pink tests which are just under £6

i used tesco once one workd and one did not
Not good - never had an invalid test before but if they do that you can get your money back by calling the helpline on the information leaflet.
They don't! They are either positive or negative but like anything once in a while you will get a dodgy test - Sometimes its the fault of the person not reading the instructions (not that I'm saying you didn't) - But its like everything always a couple of dodgy lines :D You get your money back or a replacement so its not so bad.
i no what u mean but the price and the weight of my mine im glad i brought a twin pack
What & where did you buy them?
Thanks wobs :D Just bought 1, as i was gonna buy one from boots anyway. Cheaper even with postage, yay!
I just bought 1 too :D
Got mine in the post this morning. Really well packaged. Might take one tomorrow ^_^
Me too :D I've had from this seller before :D

least your hubby don't know you have these ones Gaby :rofl:
He does now, but he doesnt care bout them ^_^ The seller's return address on the back is so sweet ^_^ Little photo.
I've actually contacted the lady to see if she would provide me with the supplier at a cost or no cost. Lets hope she can :D I breifly explained what for :D
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