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Chicken pox


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Aug 31, 2006
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Took the kids to school this morning (breakfast club) and one of the little girls from school came over to say hello to Coby, she huged him and then said to me...

Oh my little brother has chicken pox!


yeah thanks!

Coby will prob get it now wont he??

probably i think, you pass on the bug before the spots are out so she probably will have it too...hope your wee one fights it off though honey...bxox
not necessarilt, my mum used to take me to peoples house if she knew anyone had chicken pox so i could catch it.

I eventually got chicken pox aged 24!!! :shock:

If Coby does get chicken pox use e4 creme on the spots not calomine lotion, the doctors in glos are very anti calamine as it makes the itching worse!
it can take upto ten days for the spots to come out but you are contagious before the spots appear and up untill they scab oh and coby might just be a carrier like myself ive never had them :cry: sad face because its much worse for adults than kids fingers crossed he's just a carrier we had a break out of the pox round here this month too :?
yeah having chicken pox at 24 was not fun, i had to have 2 weeks off work, and i manged to get them in the two hottest weeks of the year.
Spent most of the time sat in cold water and used e45 emolient as it really soothed the itching! and smeared my self in the cream too.
I had spots every where from the hips up..and i mean everywhere!! :oops:
Jack got chicken pox.... not sure how though as no one has been near anyone with them, infact i don't know anyone who has them :?

He will probably get poorly first, like he has a cold, then 3-4 days he will get the spots.

Its better he gets them now though hun

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