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Sep 1, 2006
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A few problems lets start with


Grrr im on 2meg with an upload speed of 194 KB/s then it will sat 144 Kb/s
is this normal ? found out my speed my running a test here

ALSO This START MENU stuff, how do I stop everything
loading up with the PC ? so It o nly does it if I ask it too ?

ALSO any tips on how to improve me PC speed I cant be
bothered to pay for something to remove the faults LOL.
Stuff that starts when your PC loads appears in your toolbar to the bottom right??

An is it XP?
Yea im XP but I cant remember how to stop them loading up, its run something I think.
Is the icon tray full of stuff now??
ive got the

msn thing
volume thing
advaced broswer icon
remove hardware icon
avg icon
ntl netguard icon
pop up stopper
some thing saying my windows aint geuine (lol)
quick time
You need to right click each icon & in there somewhere will be properties & settings you should be able to find somewhere within those options that lets you stop the program loading at startup! Does that make sense?

After you have done that right click the tool bar & click 'PROPERTIES' then click 'CUSTOMIZE' when you click each icon/program it gives you 3 options just set it to hide always, when inactive etc depending on your preference!

PC cleaner my OH would suggest:
Takes all the crap away my OH said. Run this weekly :D
If there are programs starting when you turn the PC on that you manually exit - Reboot & again don't exit them search for the settings so you can alter the startup options.
OK cool will give this ago.
Only need to sort out if 2meg is the right upload speed now.

Thanks for your help.
You will never get 100% :wink:
Ohhh cool :D Always good to run through your add/remove programs just if you don't know what it is don't delete it :lol:

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