Confused about sweep today

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by AtomicPink, Apr 5, 2011.

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    I can't even believe i'm in a position to ask this :dohh:

    Midwife says babys really low down now but my cervix is still quote far back?

    I never questioned her but she still did a sweep all the same, i thought if it was far back you couldnt get a sweep?

    Clueless, me :shrug: can anyone shed some light?
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    Awee first of all congrats on making it PAST full term!! wow!!

    I think what she meant by your cervix being far back is it is posterior ..i think.. im not 100 percent on that! I had a posterior cervix and had a sweep done, unfortunately it didnt work. You will know your cervix is posterior when you get your cervical exams and it feels like the doc is trying to take out your tonsils LOL! Best way to describe it!

    I am a bit clueless to this as well but I hope your sweep works for you and once again congrats!! xox

    I just lurk here now haha give my opinions to the ladies that need them , but I did see you in preemie section when I lurked there as I was told by every medical person that my little Ava wouldn't make it full term so I was trying to gather what having a preemie would be like and prepare myself best I could! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!!! And has come a long way xx

    best to you and your family hun!
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    A sweep is sometimes more successful if the cervix is anterior (at front), soft and dilated. A sweep can be performed if if it's posterior, but is harder for the midwife to reach, so sometimes not effective but not always! As the cervix effaces and dilates it comes down lower, so to merge with the vaginal canal.

    I've had a sweep 2 days ago and cervix was soft and dilated 2cm and nothings happened yet:( If baby's not here by friday, I'm having another done.

    Good luck! Hope your sweep works :)
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    Your cervix starts off at the back and moves to the middle as it becomes more favourable which is where it stays while thinning. The cervix is 2cm in length before it shortens/thins/ effaces. (This is a different measurement to how dilated you are.) At least she was able to reach it. Sometimes if it's still back, it can't be reached. Good luck.

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