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Nov 8, 2006
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Im getting a new kitchen!!!!
We wernt going to, but I bloody hate ours and it really lets the rest of the house down, so were getting a new one Yeah!!!!

So we went to MFI today and chose a funky modern one and had it all priced up. Not including fitting its £4,600 Ekkk

So Im also seeing a kitchen planner at Wickes tomorrow cause my mum says they are a lot cleaper, but I just worked out a like for like kitchen with their price guide and they are more expensive!!!

I was wondering about magnet, are they expensive does anyone know? Or its there anyone else you could suggest, I dont really anything at B&Q, and moben I know are bloody expensive, who has lots of good ranes and arnt tooo expensive?
I had magnet out and loved them,there gadgets and units etc are funky and fun and can also be serious and excellent design. I didnt like the design in the end for ours and used a local place called Gainsborough interiors set us back 16k but worth it as looks brand new still (apart from clutter),is worth the money if staying for years and years (like we are) but other wise I would go for magnet as they are a step above say MFI or somewhere like that. I wouldnt touch moben I think they are cheap in what i have seen but I would say Magnet is middle of the road for prices.

ooh just thought Ikeas look ok if wanting just cupboards and something trendy.
Im lucky really mines getting done and my mums friend, she's designing it for us ... Im gonna pick some units and my step dad gonna fit it all and re-do pipe work and gas ....

Do you know a local joiner or anyone handy like that? saves a fortune belive me! .... they say if you use local you save a packet!!

Hope you manage to sort something out, get a few quotes and play one off against the other and tell them whoever gives lowest quote gets the job ....

Works wonders with window companys lol!!
The best way to do it is to buy the units etc and then find someone not attached to a shop to fit it. This makes it alot cheaper!
Yeah I wont be paying for them to fit it, my brothers father in law (who Iused to lodge with) runs his own kitchen fitting business, so will be doing it on the cheap for me.
Hum get him to order extra from a kitchen he's fitting lmfao!

Oh well I have now seen kithcen consultants from MFI, B&Q and Wickes.

All excited, B&Q was cheaper buy loads bot I think looked a bit cheap, where as MFI was expensive but you didnt seem to get much for your money.

But Wickes was perfect, same price as MFI but with loads of fun gizmos, like pull out ironing boards in draws, and hooks and racks and cool storage stuff etc so really modern and all singing all dancing.

God sorry I am sad, getting all excited about a kitchen!
No hun that sounds bloody FANTASTIC!!

Would get excited to .. i love gizzy gadgets and plenty of SPACE!!

made me fancy new one now,i get so bored of kitchens and bathrooms am always replacing them but hubby has drawn line at new kitchen and bathroom for that matter,lol

Cars yes change them ALL the time as get bored.

I fancy some gizmo's in my kitchen. I collect the kitchen aid stuff tho,you seen that,it is well smart I have it in cream and buy all the le cruset stuff in pink,so guess I am a gadget/things freak. I got set of casserole dishes for my 30th lol but was well chuffed.
You were chuffed with casserole dishes???

fook i know what to get ya now if eber i need to buy u out ...

You is well easy to buy for lmfao!
not that easy,these dishes had to be pink and they had to be le cruset,no mean feat,and at £400 not cheap lol
I did get necklace too tho and some clothes so not just dishes lol
LoL no I know what you mean, one of may fav birthday presents has been my panini maker!
at last semeone who understands me! Feel ok

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