Dana: the 8 year old anorexic


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Mar 26, 2008
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Did anyone watch this.....

Im just watching it just now on channel 4 + 1 and its shocking.....

Such ashame for someone so young to go through this and not understand.....

:cry: Heart breaking XxxX
Yep just finished watching, its a horrible disease that isn't recognised enough by the media.
I used to have problems with food...although not as serious as these girls ,but the thought that a 8yr old is in that situation terrifies me x
I watched it too, i found it so sad. Especially that she couldn't really understand/explain why it happened to her :(
Thats horrible!
When 8 year old start to fall under those influences you realize how deeply screwed up is our society! :nope:
i saw it, it was so upsetting. how can an 8 year old restrict herself to 125 calories a day??
That's very sad. I struggled with anorexia for 7 years so I know what it's like. I feel so bad for that little girl, but hopefully, she'll be in the right treatment and it won't affect her into her teenage and young adult years.
yeah i watched it, very sad to see a girl so youngso through that
I watched this. I thought it was so upsetting. Its bad enough living with an ED and knowing how and why you feel those things but to be so young and not understand why she has it, really upset me. When she said she wanted to die.. but she didnt know why she felt like that :cry: No 8yr old should even know about calories, nevermind the amounts each food contains :(

But, she seemed to do well with the start of recovery, i hope she continues to keep it up. An ED never really completely goes away, but hopefully she is young enough to fight it.

I have been struggling with an eating disorder since i was 14, i couldnt watch it for obvious reasons :(

Saw the advert though, its one crazy world if an 8 year old does that. :(
I also struggle with an ED, as im currently attempting recovery i was in 2 minds whether to watch it as i find things like this quite triggering. But my family was watching it and i actually found it quite upsetting rather than as a trigger. The world certainly is crazy and its heartbreaking to know that the age for ED's these days are getting lower and lower :(
i got a bit confused when they asked her if she thought she'd beaten it?? cos i'd always been told that you never really get rid of an eating disorder???
Yes an ED always stays with you, the mental side of it anyway. But she is only 8 and im assuming she could be young enough to fight the disorder and grow up a healthy child.. however, if i were her parents i would still keep a close eye on her and would be a little concerned for when she got into her teenage years as the pressure to look good and eat healthy is much more, and by then she will understand more about how she feels about herself.

I hope though she kind of 'forgets' about Anorexia now.. so to speak. It said in the programme, in young people it can sometimes be a cry for help, and watching her, she seemed to be almost relieved to be able to eat when she was at Rhodes Farm, so i think she may take recovery well and carry on as a 'normal' child.
i got a bit confused when they asked her if she thought she'd beaten it?? cos i'd always been told that you never really get rid of an eating disorder???

Yes and no. I think everyone recovers differently, some more fully than others. Take me for example, I am NOWHERE near anorexic now, but 9 years ago I was hospitalized for it. Sometimes, the thinking is still there but never the actions. I can't say that I haven't tried the occasional diet pill in the past 9 years (especially in the past few months) but I am actually a good 50 pounds overweight now and believe it or not, I took the pills for a couple of days and never bothered with them again. There just isn't anything down that road for me anymore. It's so funny (no haha funny) that once it took ENORMOUS strength and energy to fight the eating disorder and just to gain some type of normal order to my life, and now I no longer think twice about anything I put into my body. I think I'm one of the rare ones that actually went to the opposite ends of the spectrum, but I still have the thinking from time to time. I am just enjoying life and my recovery too much to listen or act upon the thoughts.


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