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Aug 31, 2006
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anyone know much about diabeties?

darren is a diabetic, but in all honesty im not too clued up on it! however..

the past week or so he has been on verge of a fit, last night his mum phoned me saying hed taken a fit on way 2 work and fell n hurt his knee(cant have been a bad fit he got himself out of it)

jst been texting him an he has asked me same thing in 3 times in 10 mins! so i know hes still not right, i have told him 2 phone nhs direct an 2 check his blood glucose.. he however says hes fine an is goin 2 work...

he works with his stepdad who can keep an eye on him but am not really happy at him putting his job before his health!!!

anyone any idea as to why he cud b on verge of a fit for so long?!
Hypoclcema ....

needs to get check really

dont think its a hypo hun, thts wot happened last nyt n he took his glucose tabs 2 lift it, jst peein me off hes ignorin it
I dated a guy who was diabetic before. How bad is his. The guy I was with has a little electrical device which it pricked his finger and beeped up with his blood sugar level and then he injected the appropriate amount of insulin. Does he have any sort of device for actaully checking his levels?
I know you can be hyper or hypo, He got Hyper once cause his level was too high after he was drinking and it made him behave drunk even though he had only had a couple, it made him really lethargic and slurry.
see darren has a glucose meter but wont use it( grrrrr ) he is insulin dependant, darren quite often gets hypos, i can deal with them easily(can of coke or 2 glucose tabs) ive only seen him take 1 bad fit, where i had to call ambulance, just nugs me he isnt taking care of himself! he smokes which diabetics shudnt as can cause gangrene more, an he doesnt watch his diet, he shud care more as he has a family :(
Have you spoken to him about why it is he isnt looking after himself properly?
yes :( along with his mum,stepdad an anyone hell take notice to! hes had it since he was 15, hes very childish about it sometimes! i dont think he reapises how young people can die from this if they dont take care of themselves!
he can also lose is sight too if he don't control it properly. He needs to get is eyes checked regulalry too (every year).

Its a man thing, maybe the more ppl nag him the more stubborn he is to not do as he should. My OH's great aunt had type 2 diabetes and smoked like a chimney, she lost both her legs as a result.
yea he gets his eyes checked regularly 4 glaucoma mainly(sp) i think, i dragged him 2 docs yest as he took a bad hypo in morning(not good with me being ill) has been told to reduce his insulin at teatime an take it 4m there he was fine wen he got up this morning, have stocked up on coke and dextrose tablets!

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