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Disturbing Dream


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Nov 8, 2006
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My god did have the most distrubing dream last night!

Some pregnant woman wanted to get into a fight with me, and OH was trying to protect me and bub by keeping this woman calm (she was trying to pull him) she went away to get drunk and we turned off the lights and blocked the front door and pretneded to be out. We were standing at the top of the stairs talking when we heard this drunken woman return and go mad when she found she couldnt get in. I heard some banging around like she had got in elsewhere and saw just as she started coming up the stairs, so I quixkly without a word so she wouldnt know I was there shut the door so I was in the bedroom. OH had his back to the stairs and I didnt say anything just shut the door so as not to let her know we had seen her. Iheard nothing then the door opened and this nutty woman walked in holding a great big kitchen knife that was covered in blood. The fact that Ihaddent heard anything from my OHment that I assumed she had got him from beind and he was dead, I felt imense sadness and pain, like this had really happened, and she came at me with this knife while I seemed paralysed and I tried unsuccessfully to puch her hands out the way as she pushed this knife through my chest . . .

Then I woke up, my heart was beating like mad and bub was kicking around franticaly, I didnt dare close my eye again after that, and really wanted to wake OH up for a cuddle, but it was 3am and I didnt think he would be to impressed. But that really shook me up it was so vivid and real. Iwas told that if you dies in a dream, you didnt wake up, so I much have been pretty close! :shock:
There i was happily eating away at my egg and watercress sandwich then i read that....how scary and depressing!!!

Bless your heart, any ideas what it could mean? U been stressed or insecure or anything lately?
:shock: :shock:
Yikes how scary ! pregnancy makes you dream some weird things!
No Ihave een fine, but year be warned pregnancy can make you have very weird and vivid dreams.
Also physically feeling things in bed can influence your dreams, like if your feeling restricted by the duvet your dream might involve something where you feel restricted. So perhaps the bub was kicking me in a strange way in my sleep and that influenced my dream?!?!?!
Gosh Cat - That would scare the **** out of me - I hate such dreams :(


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