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Dizzy spells while falling asleep.


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May 2, 2008
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Last night, I had the worst sleep ever! I laid down and felt like my oxygen was being cut off. No matter how I laid, I felt like something was sitting on my chest. I closed my eyes and kept feeling dizzy- it was terrible. The dizzy feeling lasted all night long so I just couldn't properly rest. Has anyone else experienced this while going to bed at night?
Last night i had this too i sit up for a little bit then it should clear up
I've heard of it during Sleep Paralysis but never when trying to sleep. :(

I've had palpitations and even dizzyness whilst lying down but not for such an extended period of time. Do you have low blood pressure or aneamia?
oh no!! i've been feeling really faint too recently but this is in the day not at night, prob just all the blood pumping around, but if it keeps happening no harm in going to the doctors to check your bp. xxx
i thought i was the only one lol good to know i aint wierd, i have no idea why it happens either.
my dizzyness just happens as i hit the pillow or i go to sit up, if i close my eyes for a few seconds it goes away but happens just about everytime i lay down or get up. tried going slow but makes no diff... sure its nothing to serious to worry about. maybe speak to ur midwife which is what i plan to do to :)
Not heard of this hun , But hope it passes and you fell more yourself soon . xxxxxx .

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