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Does anyone know- Labour related


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Nov 5, 2006
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My friend is 38 weeks pregnant and for the last 3 weeks she has had protein in her wee, high BP, and her uric acid levels have risen slowly over the weeks, they have taken her in to do a 24 hr urine collection and grew it and it is jam packed with protein and allsorts, the midwife told her it was ok and sent her home- that night her usual midwife rang her to say she has to send a midwife round everyday to do her BP and Urine as her 24 hr collection came back abnormal!! Why are they telling her different?!! :dohh:

Anyway my Question is coming, she had to go back to her consultant today to see what the plan of action was BUT he wasn't there and had one of his under studies she said her BP is still high and her urine is still full of protein and she has to come back on Thursday AGAIN!!

The thing is she has a 3 yr old and has to keep finding sitters for him while they piss her about- there is obviously a problem as they keep monitoring her and one minute they are saying they may inuce her, the next they are saying that they are going to leave her........... Can she demand to be induced??
Hiya Yvonne

I personally think she is exhibiting the classic signs of Pre-eclampsia, such as the high BP and Protein in the Urine. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned to her and a plan of action discussed.
-As she is 38 weeks already, I would have thought they would have been suggesting induction and arranging a growth scan to ensure the placenta is functioning as it should, as pre-eclamsia will effect the function of the placenta.
I wouldn't suggest "demanding" induction (Although she can) as it could be potentially detrimental to her, but if I were her , I would say I'd done a little reasearch, was concerned about Pre-eclampsia and ask about the possibility of induction, or insist on a scan at the least to ensure the baby is getting adequate blood flow.

Send her lots of luck from me!
They have said they suspect pre eclampsia BUT they are really messing her about saying "come back in 2 days and we'll take more blood"! Why are they messing around they obviously know there is a problem :dohh:

She is soo fed up with it now, its not like she is prem or anything!
If its anything like the hospital my sister was under, the reason they may be messing her about is proberbly down to staffing rather than protocol.
She was supposed to be induced because the blood flow the her baby was poor, but due to short staffing it took them a week to start the induction. Outrageous, but true.
Thats awful, mind you thats probably the reason, she had a scan last week and they said everything was fine- i just feel so sorry for her she is sooo fed up!
Oh babe, I hope your friend gets some answers soon, that is terrible! I was always under the impression with pre-eclampsia that things were acted on very fast.....When I was asking to be induced for SPD, because my blood pressure was high at this time my consultant said (whilst they were doing tests) "you may get your wish and be induced before 36 weeks if these tests come back positive".....and I KNOW they dont induce before then without no GOOD reason!

Bloody staffing problems!

I wish her luck! x
Thanks all, she is being induced in the morning, Only because her BP went to 142/99!! She had to take betablockers (sp) last night!!

I really hope for her sake the baby is ok after them leaving her so long. :cry:
Well her BP has gone up now to 139/105!!! 8-[

Its awful, she had in internal yesterday, she is 1cm dilated which is a start and her cervix is very soft, they were going to do it today as her BP is sooo high but they had already induced 2 women and 2 other women were in labour so they were to their capacity for the amount of midwives! :dohh:

Poor girl she is soo fed up now and tired of being in there, but lets hope the first pessary kicks starts her off!

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