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Jan 27, 2008
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Been talking to hubby today and he is thinking we will go overdue because i havnt had any sensations as such. i have tried to explain that i have had cramps and such and get pains down there sometimes when baby moves..

so we were talking and we realised that we dont actually know how it starts. will it literally just start with a contraction, or are ther events that lead up to it- can there be signs or sometimes is it literally just wham there is your first contraction.

How far in advance do you feel any early sensations...

in otherwords what am i expecting with regards to the start to meeting my baby am confused about it all as usual:rofl:
With my 1st i had no build up, no signs or anything. Waters didnt break didnt lose my plug it was just a normal day and i woke up with pains and they were my contractions. But with this one i seem to be having lots of wierd things going on that i have never experienced so i am too confused as to what the "build up" is like. But it can just happen with a contraction or your waters can break. Hope this helps xxxx
I had a tiny bit of show, and then my water broke at 39 + 4.
I didn't have any sensations to indicate that i'd go into labour soon. Been having lots o tightening for weeks but had no pains or cramps or anything. Just woke up one morning with contractions
I wouldnt know for sure as this is my first baby but i think its different for everyone. Some people can have signs and a build up..Others either sudden contractions or sudden waters breaking and contractions and out comes baby lol

Would be nice if it was the same for everybody so we all knew what to expect!
When I was speaking to the hospital midwife at silly oclock this morning, she'd asked if I'd had any signs and I told her other than pain, no, no plug, no waters, nothing.

She said it doesn't really matter because some people don't get any signs at all.
It is all so confusing!!

Also sometimes I feel like I'm over reacting and pains are just where baby is big now and moving!
Everyone's different I think - no real 'rules'. You ony have to read the birth stories section to see how different things can be. I didnt have anything with my first - just went over due and was induced :(

its so confusing im wondering the same thing ive been reading various things but im still confused hehe

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