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Dont think my boss likes me


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Sep 17, 2006
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not that i really care TBH
ok yesterday afternoon ewan (the decent boss) called and asked if i could possibly change my shift to do today and i'd get friday and saturday off, i said yeah that was cool and then texted kaz to let her know she texted back telling me about the delivery from argos which i had totally forgotten about so when i went to meet up with kaz in town we decided to stop off at asda and explain the situation.

Unfortunetly Ewan wasnt in so i asked someone to pass on a message to who ever else was in charge which the person said they would do so i figured it was all sorted how wrong was i

this morning the phone rang at about 10am it was willie (the arsehole boss) askin where i was i explained to him and apologised he said right ok in a totally shitty manner

Whats really annoying is argos said the delivery would be between 1pm and 7pm but it arrived just after 9am i was more than happy to work today as it meant i'd be off for the weekend

I'm gonna speak to ewan tomorrow and hopefully he'll understand
Hope it all gets sorted out for you. Work Sucks....No matte who you work for.....
Oooh i Hate knob heads like that!!!
seems the message didn't get passed on
I'm betting next week when i take my time off i'll get a phone call asking where i am?
Hope things are getting better for you at work.
well that just bites......

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