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Dont want to wait!


Sep 15, 2006
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Hey everyone! I’m loosing my mind, my amazing boyfriend agreed to have another baby after 3 years of saying he would rather die LOL But he says I have to wait until May, May is sooooooooo far away!!!!!!! I know he is right because our Debt will be gone, and we really need to get our son not sneaking in our bed and potty trained at night, but I dotn want to wait.HMF. :evil:
Awwwwwww babe :hugs:

I would be like that too..............I know this sounds bad, but no matter what is going on you will always cope, I mean we realistically should have waited for our property to complete, but we haven't and we will get buy. I think if you put things off, there is always something else to come along and put it even further back :cry: That's in my experience any how!

But May isn't that far away hun, this year I think has flown by I have no idea where all the time has gone?! Keep ya chin up it will soon ber here :wink:

OR you could always tell your OH it takes on average 3 months to be succesful so you can bring it forward a bit? (There is an average, and I think it is about 9 months, but many people do get luckier than that) xx
yeah hun may wont be that long xmas will be here before long then it will fly once january is out of the way then it flys as it always does i cant believe how quick xmas has come again it be here in a couple of weeks good luck hun xxxx TRY NOT TOO THINK ABOUT IT I KNOW ITS EASIER SAID THAN DONE XX
you should start trying now it takes months to conceve anyway.

ive got a little boy turning 3 in june trying to potty train him and he still gets in my bed at night. but by time i fall pregnant and then waited 9 months everything should be well and good.

how come your partner didnt want anouther to start of with????
May isn't that far away. And you can use the months prior to it to start eating really healthily (if you're not doing so already), switching to decaff tea/coffee. And taking a pregnancy vitamin with folic acid.
Congratulations huni. And I hope you have fun trying. Sending you loads of baby dust xx

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