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Sep 15, 2006
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I don't know if any of you are E.R. fans. But HOLY COW :shock: WHAT A SEASON OPENER! I CRYED THE ENTIRE HOUR :cry:

Between :cry: for E.R. and playing Rock Paper Scisors for the bathroom :loo:

And lets top it off with the 2WW :evil:

I have had one heck of a day :tease:


(Note...if you are an E.R. Fan, next week should be good to.)
Not sure I've ever watched E.R!
what the new serious as started i didn't know that what happened to Abbie and whats his name that got tide down to the bed
I think its just started in America hope it isn't too long b4 its on over here I love E.R.
I LOVE E.R!!!!!!!! Can't wait for it to come back here!

Awwwww babe, poor you, hope tomorrow is a better day!!!

Nevermind you have the next episode to look forward to :wink:
E.R. Hasnt Started there? do you want me to tell you what happened?
i used to watch it years ago but kinda went off it and not seen it since...
umm i don't know, i want to watch it but i want to know whats happened to abbie????????????????????????
me too. I'm an emotional wreck at present so will no doubt make me cry. I'm terrible when pg. I even cried at emmerdale when you thought CAin had driven of cliff. I'm such a sad person :D
I will tell you if you want. I just dont want to ruin any thing! Are you sure?
its ok suz i will wait till it comes to the uk and watch it then, but thankyou anyway :D
When we get it over here if I'm still a wreck and can't watch it I'll get you to pm if you can remeber wot happenend by then!

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