Ear piercing - what do you think?


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Mar 4, 2007
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I was in my local bank today and saw a woman pushing her baby in her pushchair. what a cutie I thought.. then I noticed she had her ears pierced. The baby was no older than my Amelia. Infact I would say she was probably younger.. bout 8 or 9 months. The earings were not even studs but big loops.. Amelia would pull at them. I would be really worried that she would split her ear lobe. What do you all think about ear piercing babies?? I personally think I will wait till Amelia is old enough to want it done for herself but maybe a lot of mums out there have it done at this age????? :wacko:
I did get Charlies done when she was 5 months old, but i was 21 then. She loves them and has grown up not knowing any diffrent.

Now i wouldnt dream of doing it, i think maybe coz im older?

Each to there own tho

I personally won't be getting Seren's done as I want her to make that choice - I have no issue with babies who have them done as long as they are wearing studs. Not a fan of hoops, think they can be dangerous and if a baby is to have earrings I think the studs are better.
I think hoops can be dangerous in babies or parents for that fact!!!
I waited til Emily was old enough to ask and even then we made her wait until we were sure she was sure
I can see why people have them done so early as surley the minute pain is no different to a jab

I have no partucular feelings on it really, but not something I personally would have done so young
Oh no an ear piercing thread !! *runs and hides* ;)

I would personally not pierce my babies ears until they are old enough to ask to have them done (plus i have a boy so wouldnt think about piercing them anyway !!!!! lol)
I would be too worried about them pulling on them, I did consider getting Jade's done when she was a baby, but I wanted her to make that choice and I was too worried she would cause herself harm......

Good job I didn't get them done as she is a right tomboy and would hate her ears pierced.
I want to get Rebecca's done as I like it.

I have a sense of de ja vous (sp) with this thread.:muaha:

But I wouldn't think a baby wasn't cute just because he/she had its ears pierced.:baby:

Come on Dionne......:rofl:
My sister has 4 girls and she got all of their ears pierced when they were babies. From 6 weeks to a year was the scale, and I personally dont see a problem with it.

Getting them done younger as opposed to older, means they never remember the pain. If you do them young enough they wont even realise they are there. And they wont touch them to pull or yank them.

I am opposed to putting hoops onto a baby, studs with little diamonties in is about as far as i would go, and if i have a girl i would certainly be getting their ears pierced.

Now my eldest boy wanted to have his ear pierced and i said yes, but as myself and his dad arnt togather i thought it best to run it passed him first and he said no. to leave it a little longer. But if i could i'd go and get it done now.
I see nothing wrong with it at all, but by the time I thought about getting Jade's done, she was about 2 I think? so the pulling at her ear was an issue for me....plus tbh, I couldn't watch her have it done LOL!

But as I said, she is such a tomboy that it is a good job I didn't!
When my sister went in to get her youngests ears pierced a couple of months ago, another lady in the queue after her asked me and sister if we would hold her bubba for her as she didnt trust herself to hold her.
I personally think ear piercings dont look very nice on babies, i would only let my own have them when they decide thats what they want
I am dreading Alfie's first jabs.....my Mum had to hold Jade!
No way would i get maddie's done im likeAG and don't think it looks very nice .. But thats my opinion!

I don't like them on babies and young children either. I just can't see the point of having it done.

Maybe they wouldn't remember the pain of having them done, but people don't need their ears pierced. In that sense, it's nothing like having an injection which you do need. Part of making the decision to have them done when you are older is accepting that you are making a permanent change to your body and that pain is part of that decision for you to make and no-one else.
Dior has little pink dimond studs she got them done when she was 10 months old. i really like them she has always been bold so now people no she is a girl lol Dior is very girly and loves girly things (like her mummy) so i recon she will thank me for piercing them

and i think they look real cute, but i would of course. i dont think i had them done because i am young and nieve though. its some thing i like on little girls
Oh no an ear piercing thread !! *runs and hides* ;)

I would personally not pierce my babies ears until they are old enough to ask to have them done (plus i have a boy so wouldnt think about piercing them anyway !!!!! lol)

Same here
Oh my god Ihave just read this post in utter shock, Iwouldnt dream of having a babies ears pierced, and Im amazed you even can! Sorry to offend those of you who like it or have had it done, but I couldnt put a child through that pain, and possible infection, and they could pull them or take them out and swallow them/stick up nose just cause it looks cute, I find it barbaric to submit a baby or toddler to unessisary pain in the name of fasion, bloody hell its like taking them to get tattooed!
i didnt only do it for looks i done it to save her the pain when she was older too i was real happy i got mine done at 6weeks old.
Dior has never touched them botherd with them she cryed when they were done then that was the end of it, never had a problem since,
and tatoos can never be removed piercing can, so its totaly different
Dionne you don't need to justify why you done it. If you like it, it's your decision. Like when I get Bex's done, my choice. I had mine done at 3! Im glad.

Barbaric is a bit harsh mind :baby: I agree tho, there are pro's and con's-same as everything in life :muaha:
Personally I wouldn't have Frankie's done until she is old enough to ask and look after them herself. I realise it is personal choice but I thinke she should be old enough to take responsiblity for removing and changing the earrings for safety during PE at school.

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