Ebony Grace - a positive and quick induction story

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    This pregnancy was very very much wanted, after loosing twins in Jan 2016 I was obsessed with filling the void in my heart and after 5 months I became pregnant.
    I loved being pregnant. Every single moment. Pregnancy was a walk in the park! I pretty much lost my appetite but that was no problem, I never gained any weight and was still doing jobs around the farm the day before my induction at 39 weeks!! - i never got heartburn and i never got massively huge!
    I was diagnosed with gestational diatbetes at 28 weeks, which remained diet controlled - hard work but was so worth it, I couldn't wait until my tummy got round and what I wouldn't do to feel him wriggle again, I miss that terribly already. I loved being pregnant. I really loved it,being pregnant?.. That is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to a human. Ever.

    It all started on Sunday the 5th of February 2017, my induction date had been booked for 3 weeks at my request, the hospital would have let me go over full term but as I had had two inductions before I was happy to proceed with another.

    I rang into labour ward at 8.45am and was told to come up at 11.00am
    We packed a few last things and got into Nottingham for around 10.15, so me and OH had a coffee in the café and then went up to the induction lounge, After discussing a few things with the MW and going on the ctg for half an hour to ensure baby was happy, my propess was finally popped in about 1.20 in the afternoon . I was already 2cm dilated and cervix was thin so she was able to give me a very good sweep . I then went back on the CTG for a further half hour after which me and OH went for lunch down at the café and spent a lot of time walking the hospital grounds or rotating my hips on the birth ball - back for another CTG at 7.20pm to again check baby was happy with anything.

    I was having light back ache by about 6pm, and at 9 after my sister had arrived I decided to ask a MW to give me an internal to decide wether my OH should go home to our children, or stay in the hope I might have a baby - turns out I was 4-5cm already, so a decision was made, my birth partners (sister and OH) were allowed to stay on the ward as the me thought id have a baby soon!, I stuck my tens machine on and we went back downstairs for another walk, my OH went and got yet more food, by this stage I was panting through my contractions and the tens machine was doing its thing

    back up to the ward and I had my bloody show, I was getting giddy and behaving a bit oddly by this stage (like I was drunk!) and upon bothering to time my contractions it turned out they were 40 seconds long with only a 30-90second gap between, it took me a while to convince myself they were actually contractions and to tell a me, who discovered I was now 7cm and took the propess out @ 11.45 - off I went to labour suite

    The labour suite is a bit of a blur to me, I must have been high on endorphins!, I do remember being seriously offended when offered a wheel chair to take me down, I wasn't disabled I told them lol.
    Upon arriving in my room (room 12) @ 12.10 - I was asked if I could go back on the ctg, I agreed but only if I could sit on the ball again - it was that or the toilet because everything else was uncomfy.
    We spent a lot of time giggling, talking absolute nonsence, like the digestive system of a goldfish in between the contractions, which were not so much worse, I swayed through them, using the boost button on the tens. and then all of a sudden I needed to push, I got up on the bed, squatting against the head rest and the MW told me not to push but to pant, head head had already crowned and I just needed to get the nose out! - my waters broke at that point and my gorgeous girl was born onto the bed, I turned around and scooped her up, she felt tiny, she had her eyes open and screamed straight away and all my pain was gone, it was amazing.

    she was born at 1.10am her apgar was 8 , 10, 10 and she weighed 8lb 4oz.
    I delievered the placenta naturally, no drugs needed for that, just felt the need to push again and it followed baby very quickly.
    I was checked for tears and grazing Fortunatly not one in sight! id managed a baby with no drugs and no tears! im in awe of myself!!

    We had skin to skin and our first BF.
    I got the most amazing shower it was wonderful to feel THIS amazing after giving birth, I got toast and maramalade and tea!

    back up onto the ward by 4am, and home the same day at 3.30pm - 14hrs post delivery!

    And there it is, Ebony Grace, 6th feb 2017, 8lb 4oz, 35cm HC.
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    Congratulations! Lovely birth story
  3. Teri7489

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    Good job mummy!

    What a lovely birth story and an absolutely gorgeous name.

    Congrats ! xxx
  4. sstar

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    Congrats! Thanks for sharing! Do have a very good rest!
  5. george83

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    Congratulations a wonderful birth! I am in love with her name too, we only have boys but this was the exact name I would have chosen for a girl x x
  6. Bevziibubble

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    Congratulations! :)
  7. BSelck24

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    Great story Lucy!! Can't believe she was delivered right into the bed! Amazing! Congrats!
  8. becsboo

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    great story congratulations
  9. sarah1980

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