Aug 31, 2006
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Just wondering who here has it and what do you do/use to treat it?
i do, and tbh have given up on treatment!!! i now only use diprobase to keep it moisturised and if it gets really bad eumovate, but in the past have used....
fucadin,hydrocortasone,betnovate,e45,astral.....(excuse spellings) and loads more!!!!
I have it on my face, legs, arms and back.

The face is the worst, i have acne too so what treats one will usually agrivate the other!
my cousin had it really bad on her legs, was given all sorts by the doctor which just seemed to agrivate it. she now uses porridge oats tied into a pop sock (tight thing) in a bath and it works a treat for her...naturals the way to go sometimes...might be worth a try??
i have it and i hate it, i use elecon cream, i get it really bad on my feet :( dont use bath stuff or perfumed stuff it makes it worse!
Yvanne said:
i find oilatum 2 b good 2 :D

If you email them with some breif dteails & a request for samples they will send you them AG.

cheers wobbles, i have it on prescription tho!!nice thought tho!!!
i was born iwth it from head to toe i use to be wrap in banages to stop itching my slef i only get it know if i m stree but i use antiseptic cream or salvon its a barrer cream try not to use bath stuf with perfum in it just johnson baby stuff it is a netural ph
I have always suffered really bad with it, covered in so many scars. after 18 years I finally have a cream that works, its called Dermovate Ointment, get it off the doctor xx
I have something that is like eczema, just flared up in the fall though. never had it before so I am waiting for the dermatologist appt. the allergist already tested me and said its not allergies.

I think chocolate is a trigger if that's possible? I am using an elocom cream (sp) steroid cream ether way. I have used others too but this works best for me. super stong and usually only need one application when I see spots sprouting up.
My mom has it very bad along with psoriasis, I have both as well but not badly mostly just in my scalp and a few patches here and there. My mom had been sent for uv treatment to help with hers but had to stop due to an allergy to the pills sshe needed to take with it. Kerri lotion unscented works really well for her, she puts it on every day as soon as she gets out of the shower. Carpets, scented products and eggs are also huge irritants, flu shots are also incubated in raw eggs so can cause an increased reaction.
I have had eczema on and off since birth...i'm now 26. Funnily enough my mum had it quite badly before she had me but as soon as I was born hers went away and never came back!!

I've always found diprobase bath emollient and steroid creams are good for managing it although when I did some research into it more recently I found that your diet can have a HUGE impact on the health of your skin. I now eat plenty of oily fish and nuts and stay away from articficial ingredients as much as possible and my skin has never been better. I also found a site that suggested crushed oatmeal baths and milk powder baths....which are a lovely alternative to bubble baths etc which dry the skin out incredibly. Good old E45 lotion is brilliant for smothering on after a bath or shower when the skin is still damp.

I have it really bad on my arms and legs. Have been prescribed all sorts tbh nothing really works. I have tried betnovate, 50 50 cream, oilatum x
Taking oatmeal with honey bath is the best option to cure eczema problem.

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