ermm!!!think im on my way!?!


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Sep 14, 2006
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had membrane sweep(oww) at lunchtime, and im 1cm dilated, everything is is soft and low etc etc, fluids are good and bubs is doing well. Dr said he now doesnt think im going to need induction next monday, i'll go before that naturally(fingers crossed) have been having cramps on and off all afternoon, waiting on something more definate. Dr told us that any bleeding etc ive got to go straight to them (think its cos of previous complications)

having an early night, will let you know as,when and if!!
oh i just posted on ur other thread lol!!!! hope it happens quickly and as painfree as poss :hugs:
Oooh good luck hun, sounds promising!
Good luck hun, hope this is it. When consultant did sweep i was getting mild contractions after about 30 mins, lasted nearly 12 hours then stopped:hissy:

Was induced following day. Hope u r now in labour:hugs:
Ohhhhh the best of luck babe, I am so happy for you!!!!!! I hope everything goes really well babe and soon and fast! :hugs: x
still waddling around feeling v sore and grumpy! getting pains that come and go, if im still like it by the morning im going to give the midwife a call and ask if she would examine me to see if anythings happening at all?

failing that, i had a bowl of red hot chilli nachos for lunch, lets see if that speeds it up abit!!!

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