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    Afternoon ladies,

    Sorry if this is a TMI post!!! but need to ask the question.

    Me and OH only decided to ttc about a week ago so came off the pill. Had a 2 day withdrawal bleed, then bleed again the other day for the day which turned brownish and light in the late afternoon and then stopped.

    Today I have felt quite wet and on investigating I have EWCM which started fairly watery and is now thickish and like egg white!!!!

    Can someone tell me what this might mean??? does it mean im ovulating??? or something else???? I havnt had this for a long time not since I ttc with my 2 kids x x

    Oh yeah and have been having bad headaches, cramps below my c section scar and terrible backache if that helps x
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    Aug 3, 2010
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    Could definitely be "O" time. I would get :sex:. Anytime I see EWCM, I do! It is from a surge in estrogen..which is usually right before or during O.

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