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Sep 1, 2006
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I don't like to post everytime Rebecca is unwell as I would never be off here, but I need a little advice on one thing, that I am finding really hard to deal with and upsetting. :cry:

Rebecca had reflux until she was roughly 7 months old, then grew out of it.

For the past few weeks -roughly four times a week she is violently, and I really do mean violently sick. Its when I feed her, she will sit and start to wrench then all of a sudden you will hear the sick coming up from inside her and it takes over. Her face turns bright red whilst this mass coming pouring out her mouth. She panics as she can't breathe and I panic and scream to Dale for help as I think she is going to choke to death.

Its been happening too often now, I am going to take her to the Dr's. but I feel so scared about finding out if there is something seriously wrong with her. :cry:

I was just saying to my mum tonight (as the latest stint happended at 7pm 2nite) if anything happened to her I would be riddled with guilt after taking so long to bond with her, I truly feel terrible.

Anybody have any ideas what it could be? I hope its just an intolerance to something. xxx
It may be worthwhile keeping a food diary to see if you can pin it down any food/food groups. I can't really be anymore help than that. Hope you get it sorted soon hunny. I always think the worst when LO is poorly you can't help it. :hugs: to you and rebecca
I don't know if this is anyhting?? Has Rebecca had a cold/cough?? Seren has had a cough for a couple of weeks now, and she has been projectile vomiting for the last 4 days. It just spurts out and covers everyhting. I have taken her to the Dr's and they say its because of the mucus, babies cannot control the sphincter muscle in their throat so swallow the mucus which cuases them to be sick.

I hope you find out what it is soon ((hug))
dont feel terrible hun speak to teh doc again to see if tehres anything they can giv her anything
Yes, the advice with the food diary is a good one. Try to seperate diffrent elements: only one type of vegetable and then wait to see if she reacts to it. Probably an alleric reaction???
Thanks for your replies, I have kept her on toast today. Bland things :)

Beanie-Rebecca has just got over bronchitous etc and was all mucusy, but I think its cleared. She was on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

I just panicked so much last night when she couldn't breathe, and I am not proud, but I froze and shouted on mum and Dale "help her" but I sttod back in shock.

I am going to get up and try and get an appt tomorrow.

Thanks again :hugs:
Hope you get an appontment 2morrow and that you get things sorted
Hiya chick. Hope you lo is getting better.
Lily-Mae has reflux and ive found that when shes unwell the reflux gets worse. I would def go to the docs with her. Hope she gets better soon hun x
KX said:
I just panicked so much last night when she couldn't breathe, and I am not proud, but I froze and shouted on mum and Dale "help her" but I sttod back in shock.


its normal to just freeze on the spot. when Dior was 6 weeks old and chocked a sweet my brother gave her she didnt breath for over 5 mins the paramediucs had to dislodge it.
i cryed ran up to a wall hit my head full force of it ran to my old bedroom in my mums house jumped into bed and cryed :o all this while Dior was down stairs near anough dead. i dont no what came over me.

ild call NHS direct they are great and if they think its a problem they will get you to take her to the out of hours doctors. Poor rebecca she is always poorly.
Ella's been sick like that a couple times after having mince - if she starts coughing she'll usually projectile her entire meal and it's scary for both of you. Don't worry about your reaction!

I hope that she's better soon, it's horrible seeing them poorly.
:hugs: awwww babe, I hope it is noting serious and she gets better very quickly, there is nothing worse than seeing them unwell is there :hugs: x
Really hope Rebecca is better soon, its so horrible when they are poorly makes us feel so helpless. :hugs:

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