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fading symptoms?


Proud mum to baby Nick
Jan 12, 2007
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My symptoms started to fade at around 8 weeks. Tho I still get the odd bout of nausea and still experience hot flushes and a few other minor things such as SLIGHT tender breasts, my symptoms have virtually gone.
Is this at all normal?
This can be normal but if concerned I would speak to your GP

Hi Hun, my symptoms with Jack faded then came back big style :D

Like wobbs says if at all worried see your Dr or Midwife and they may send you to EPU
Hi Louise,

This happened to me too! It was just before my scan ay 7+4. I stopped feeling sick (I've never been sick so far only felt sick), any symptom I may have had has slowly disapeared. The only thing that now happenes is if I leave eating too late I can't eat - I have to eat as soon as I'm hungry! Heartburn - as soon as I lie down to go to sleep it starts, I now have gaviscon and/or Milk by my bed!
I get a bit light headed now and again and by lunch time everyday I'm knackered, even though I'm sleeping like a log!!

Try not to read in to it too much - I searched the net as to why and it had me worrying more. As you know my scan confirmed everything was fine!

With me I sometimes feel because I can't see or feel anything just yet its mainly more psycological.

If you feel you need a 2nd opinion call your GP or speak to your midwife.

Hope all is ok, keep us updated.

Hey Hun, Im pretty sure this is normal. Your HCG levels rise very quickly at first, making you feel crap, then they level out a bit. Maybe double check with your MW if your concerned. xx
Hiya Louise

Its totally normal for your symptoms to fade around the 7-8 week gestation mark as around 7 weeks, something called the corpus luteum, which has been feeding your baby initially, is no longer needed. HCG is raised at first to keep your other hormones high, to maintain the pregnancy. The placenta then starts to take over (usually fully functional around 12-14 weeks)and so HCG levels drop, resulting in reduced symptoms.

Hope this reassures you a little.
I feel sick every now and again, but my symptoms have faded too, which is great as last time I suffered sickness right thru til nearly the end of 2nd tri.woo hoo :D

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