faint lines on preg tests, but then negative on digital. whats going on????

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by hgglundeln, Mar 11, 2017.

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    Hello everyone. I am sooooooo worried! And confused. Am I pregnant or not?!
    Have anyone experienced this:

    I think I am 13 dpo now and I started taking pregnancytests around 7 dpo. They were negative at 7 dpo and 8 dpo but at 9 dpo I got a really really faint line. hardly visible except for in really strong light.
    At 10 dpo I got another faint line, a bit more visible, but still needed strong light. At 11 dpo they were still very very weak, but I thught they were a bit stronger than the previous day.

    Yesterday was the first day where I had a line, still very faint, but even visible in normal light, like room a bit dark, light. Not needing to be directly under a lamp to be seen.
    Today 13 dpo, it is almost the same as yesterday. can be seen in normal light, but is very very very faint, almost not visible.

    I was sure that a digital test would show today since it says that they will show with 97 percent accuracy at 1 day before missed period. Ok im not 100 percent sure i am at 13 dpo. I might be at 12 dpo or 11 dpo or even 14 dpo.
    The digital test came back saying 'not pregnant'. I am sooooo disappointed. What is going on with all these faint lines on tests that were negative a week ago. Why are they showing. Am I having an early miscarriage? I have called my midwife and on thursday i will take a test there. But i am so caught up in this i cant wait to know for sure. I feel ive spent so much on tests, i want to wait atleast a couple of days before testing again. But to know a bit more about what is going on:

    Have anyone had results like this and been pregnant, or not pregnant???

    I opened up my clearblue digital, which i know youre not supposed to ;) and i saw three lines. one clear testline with a weaker line beside it and on the secound strip a third even weaker line.
    I have read very mixed theories about this. As ive understood this might mean you are pregnant, but you might also not be. I guess you always have three lines in them if you are pregnant, it picks up if they are strong enough. They might become stronger for me, but i have also read people having three lines and not being pregnant.

    With my faint lines on other tests, this feels a bit more optimistic for me. Maybe its just to early. But if im 13 dpo shouldnt it be positive. And also ive had faint lines on tests for like 4 days, ok 3 days where there are definitely lines, the fourth day (tuesday) was more of a shadow.

    What do you think??? I know your answers are just speculation,,but these mixed results are driving me crazy. Anyone experienced the same things or something similair.???
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    Isnt the sensitivity of a digi 50? Other are notmally 10 or 25 so i reckon u tested to early with digi try adain a few days
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    The digital tests definitely need more hcg to report a + result. I was getting clear+ lines on wondfo's and store brands and it took another 3-4 days to get a digital positive.

    You could have ovulated later than you thought or implanted late so its taking a little longer to get the bfp. fingers crossed!

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