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I'm an old bag!
Sep 1, 2006
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2 for 1 post lol

Firstly Tam are you ok hun haven't seen you for a few days :(
Hope you are well and big squeezes if your feeling Yak :hugs:

Yvanne where have your tickers gone?????
I regonise people by tickers and it's not fair that you have moved them, It's like taking a white stick off a blind man :? :D
I was wondering the same thing about yvanne, where have your picies gone?

As far as i know Tam is unwell atm (quick everyone post alot!)
2 cut a long 1 short.... i have reason 2 believe tht my ex( not darren my ex x lol) has bn browsing here.....(he is chloes sperm doner but left me as soon as i told him i was preg, as far as im concearned if he dont bother 2 contact me thn hes no gettin 2 c pics of her!!!!sorry 4 bein so grim :(
You coulda left your avatar? that was only a stick person lol
Arcanegirl said:
You coulda left your avatar? that was only a stick person lol

i nvr deleted bob lol he disapeppered 4 sum reason!!

Jo, bless ya babe........I have had a dodgy stomach and my groin has been playing up something rotten, I have had a couple of days I could barely walk, AND I am not sleeping.......I am bloody tired and NOT uncomfortable, but I can't sleeep for love norr money, 3 nights now and I have had 4 hours sleep in total :shock:

So I am about, but weary and wanting my bed, but only if I can sleep :cry:

You OK babe, things going OK? x
Awww hunny how horrible for you

Maybe you need a new matteress, I remember the not sleeping all too well
I had a trapped nerve aswell towrds end which was horrid, maybe thats what it is with your groin :?

I'm doin good thanks for asking but am real tired aswell as Jack has taken it upon himself to decide 5am is the time to get up!!!

Thats why a lot of my posts are garbage at the mo ( my excuse anyway :D )

Take care hunny bun xxxx
Awwwwwwwwwwww....so no choccy buttons for me then.....I can't take 'em if you have good reasons for gobble dee gook! :lol:

Our bed is not that old, only had it just over a year and it is soo comfy, but I just lay there awake.........as for my groin, looks like I have SPD, I have a physio appointment on the 5th of Dec, so hoping to get some helpful hints from them.....

Hope to catch up with ya soon babe!! Take care & knock Jack out for a day or so :rofl: :hugs: x
Lol i have Choccie buttons here waiting to be sent :D

Are you suggesting i drug my child or whack him on head?????? :wink:

Terrible if you have SPD you'll have to let me know jow you get on at physio :D

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