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Discussion in 'Kids & Teenagers' started by storm4mozza, Oct 23, 2017.

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    Hi guys just was wondering if anyone has a LO that suffers chest infetions? My DS is 6 years old and has asthma (coughing alot not actual attacks) we ended up at badger last night, he has the second chest infection in 1 month. He has been given a second course of antibiotics and steroid tablets , 4 tablets every day for 7 days. DS is so fed up and it's getting me down, am I alone?
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    Awww poor boy! I'm the same with chest infections with asthma, it's horrible I can only imagine how much more your poor DS is :hugs:
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    This sounds a bit like my daughter
    she has asthma? - but only because of her coughing - I am not convinced.
    But when she gets a cold she then gets a lingering cough.
    Her siblings have in the last week had a sore throat sniffy thing that made them feel a bit crap for a day or so, hers developed into a cough that has been going for a week, This is not unusual for her. But we are fed up with her not sleeping and coughing all the time we went back to the doctors again. This time we were given antibiotics and steroids - a first usually we are told that this is just the way she is and that she just holds onto a cough.
    Its been so hard to know whats right over the years now i feel like she could of had these in the past - she is 11- and has missed a lot of school in the past due to her cough.
    She got given an inhaler maybe 5 years ago but it has no impact. Se has been to see an asthma nurse recently and done a few test things that indicate mild asthma but she has never had an attck.

    She is a fit girl normally - does a lot of sport.

    I find it all so confusing As one year she was so much better and missed no school at all. Sometimes she is not as bad as she is now but I am frustrated and she is fed up as she has had a crappy half term.

    I worry now she has started secondary she will miss more as this is her second cold in half a term.

    Sorry very rambling but I feel your pain .

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