Feeding / Sleeping routine at 12 weeks?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by nowmarried, Jun 6, 2011.

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    I'm after a bit of advice about the routine that my 12 week old is in and whether we should look to change it. She is bottle fed and a daily routine is currently like this -

    5.30-6am - 6oz feed
    6.30am - 9am ish - nap in moses basket
    10am - 6oz feed
    11.30 - 1pm - mid morning nap in moses basket sometimes
    2pm - 6oz feed
    3pm ish - nap in pram when out walking
    5.30pm - bath
    6pm - 6oz feed
    8.30-10pm - nap lying on me on sofa
    10pm - 6oz feed in bed
    11pm-5am - sleep in moses basket, stirring occasionally about 3am

    It's the nap that she has on me in the evenings that I'm not sure about. She's usually quite asleep at 10pm when I give her last feed, so sometimes only takes 3-4oz before wanting to go back to sleep. Should Ibe adjusting her feed times so her last feed is earlier and therefore putting her to bed earlier in the hope that she'll get a longer sleep at night or at this age, is she then just likely to wake earlier in the morning for a feed??

    Any opinions or experiences of routines at the 3 month mark would be greatly appreciated! xx
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    At 12 weeks, I see that many babies at 3 months are naturally going to bed at 9-10pm, so I would drop that last nap and consider it bedtime.

    However, a 12 week old should only be awake 1.5-2 hours before their next nap - between 1/2pm and 8:30pm, she would benefit greatly from an additional nap.

    Her night feed times are 100% normal and expected(actually they are pretty good for that age!), I would just focus on a good nap between 2-8pm and an earlier bedtime - which will help her be more pleasant, sleep better and of course give you more time to yourself!
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    Yup, I would change bedtime to somewhere around 9-10. Teddy feeds on demand, but generally is asleep without feeding between 9pm and 5am.
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    My LO is on 8oz 4 times a day, maybe 5 times if its a hungry day and shes been sleeping through the night since she was about 4 weeks.

    Her's goes like this
    7/8am - 8oz
    9 - 10.30ish - nap
    11am/12pm - 8oz
    1.30pm-3.30pm - on and off napping
    3.30pm - 8oz bottle
    half 5 - half 7ish - napping on n off
    7.30/8 - 8oz bottle
    down to moses basket for bed time. sleeping by 9/9.30 until 7am.

    She is gradually putting on weight and is currently in her 75th centile.

    Also people may think this is a wee bit too much at once, but she was 9lb 12oz and 22 inches when she was born and on 4oz - 6x a day when she was born :)

    Hope this helps.

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