Feels like im getting no where fast !!!rant !!!

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by dizzyshell, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. dizzyshell

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    Nov 26, 2010
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    Hi ladies , its been 17 long month of ttc and im getting pi$$ed off bigtime:growlmad:

    I don't know what else to do , or what else to try .

    I got A BFP in 2006 i got BFP in 6weeks would you believe :happydance:
    Never worked out thoe.Since then ive had been NTNP for 3years and no other BFPS.Ive been TTC for 17months now official TTC and ive had no wiff of a BFP nothing !!!

    So far ive had loads of tests -inc ultra sound& dye test &bloods &SE.
    Everything is great .O/h SE was high sperm count.

    So WTF is happing ,Idont get it :sex::sex:every day and more .And i know people say dont BD everyday .But that's how i got my:bfp:5years ago.

    The only thing i can think is imstressing to much and not relaxing but having said that , i also have been relaxed.Esp the first 6months OF trying
    I only started using OPKs on cycle 11 and brought CBFM on 13month ttc
    and after 6cycles no luck with that either.

    Sorry for rant just feels like im getting nowhere:nope:

    baby dust to you all:dust:
  2. LaRockera

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    May 15, 2010
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    Oh, I do know how you feel.

    Have been trying for 13 months. All bloods and SA came back really good. I did get inconsistent diagnoses in ultrasound scans, as the first OBgyn told me it was absolutely fine, and the second that I may have mild endo on the left ovary, although they agreed it wouldn't stop me from conceiving naturally. :shrug: I haven't managed to do a HSG yet even though I started tests on February because in the first instance I was past ovulation and it could harm the baby, and the NHS OBgyn told me I need to be trying for two years before I have my tubes tested. Are they FOR REAL?:brat:

    As far as :sex: is concerned, I too have read that doing it every day increases your chances, unless your partner has low sperm count. Plus, it's good for motility and morphology, at least from what I got from the internet. Finally, the month I had a possible chemical, the only BFP I saw through my entire ttc career :haha: (and which was gone that very same afternoon :cry:) was the first time we actually BDed every day.

    And yes, the relaxing thing is a myth. Were it true, I would have conceived the first eight months. Oh the clarity! Oh the lucidity and joy of those months. It didn't work. I have now developed a great antipathy towards people that tell me 'not to stress'. If people thought a bit before they talked, perhaps great wars would have been prevented...

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