Fermented cod liver oil

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    Has anyone here taken or is taking fermented cod liver oil? I am thinking of taking a fermented cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil blend (by green pastures) in preparation for ttc in December (and I would stay on it while pregnant). It is an excellent source of vitamin A and D as well as vitamin K. It also has omega 3's. The blend is supposed to help a lot with preventing tooth decay as well. I got a lot of cavities after my first pregnancy so that's a bonus. I have food allergies so I won't be taking a prenatal but I'm thinking of doing the fclo/butter oil blend, methyl folate (taking now), probiotics (taking now), possibly vit B12 (though I think I'll get enough from the cod liver oil) and possibly calcium ( I don't eat any dairy). I also thought I'd start taking spirulina because it has iodine (which I think I don't get near enough of) and is generally regarded as very healthy. The only thing is though some spirulina is contaminated with pollutants, heavy metals, etc so I worry about that although I'd make sure to take an organic one that is tested for these things.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone has experience with the fermented cod liver oil and what they think of it.

    Are there any other good supplements besides the ones I've listed?
    Thanks! :)

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