Fibroid Question- 2 miscarriages (3 iuis, 1 IVF)

Discussion in 'TTC After A Loss' started by Lisa Craig, Jan 19, 2019.

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    Ive had 3 IUIs and Ive done IVF once.
    My third IUI resulted in a pregnancy that made it to over 10 weeks before the heart stopped & I miscarried.
    My first IVF cycle failed - I had a great response to stims and had over 20+ big follicles BUT the dr said due to my 'anatomy', saying my bladder was in the way on my left and that ovary is high up... and my right has ' my intestines everywhere' around it so he said he could only safely get it was not possible to reach any on my left and only got 7 on my right, 5 which were 'empty' and two had eggs inside.
    Only one fertilized and made it to day 3 , then arrested, leaving me with NONE.
    The week after my egg retrieval I found out I was pregnant somehow even though we hadnt had sex since almost a week before egg retrieval, so my husbands swimmers must have lived a LONG time and fertilized one of the eggs they 'couldnt reach' OR I ovulated early (which is probably why 5 of the follicles they did grab, were empty) .. That pregnancy ended at 6 weeks- I miscarried.
    I am reproductively fine and hubby is as well OTHER than I have a peduculated fibroid thats on a small stalk outside of my uterus (not affecting anything)... My RE said she wants me to visit a minimally invasive surgery center to get a consultation about getting it removed BEFORE she allows me to do any other IVF or IUIs... She said that having two miscarriages consecutively is very rare (2% she said?) and wants to make sure this fibroid is not taking blood flow away from my babies when I get pregnant. (my Gyno said he doesnt think it has anything to do with them and that they were most likely chromosomal) but my RE says she wants me to look into having it removed, even though its not inside my uterus because it 'might' be affecting the pregnancies... I really hate to have a surgery on a 'maybe'...
    Thoughts ladies??

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