First Pregnancy - So Excited!!!


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Aug 15, 2008
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Hello All,

I have just moved here from TTC and cycle buddies! It has been a long journey to get here and we are so so over the moon to be here!!

I am nearly 5 weeks pregnant. I haven't had any morning sickness yet. Is that normal? I know it sounds strange but I can't wait to get there!! Also, sometimes my boobs are really really sore and other times I have to really prod about to see if they hurt at all. Is that ok? Did anyone else get that?

I am so happy to be here and thank you for reading this. I hope you are all having a wonderful happy first trimester!!

Welcome to first-tri! Once I got closer to 6 weeks, the symptoms really kicked in!
Welcome and Congratulations!!! I only had tender boobs for a few days - no morning sickness yet and I'm tired thats it for symptoms!

With my first complete opposite I was symptom plagued :p

Have fun!
Thank you for your replies! Hopefully more symptoms will kick in soon!!

Congrats on getting here, I sympathise with the long journey too.

I didn't get morning sickness till a few days ago (I'm 6 weeks.) And I get the same with my boobs, sometimes they're sooooo sore then it just dissapears for a bit, really strange.

Anyway, the best of luck :)
congrats! My sickness didnt kick in until 10 weeks! So it can happen any time!
Hello im new here too, 5 weeks like you!! all i have in ache in my boobs but not all the time, plus i have found myself nipping the loo more!! we can keep intouch as were both the same if you like xxx goodluck
hey hun u may not get morning sickness i havnt had much symptoms at all n alls fine!!

I love hearing when other people move from ttc, to here:D
Yeh its perfectly normal.
I didnt get no morning sickness, only ever nausea, and i was always panicking, and i wanted to be sick to prove everything is ok.
Also i find my boobs really hurt too.
They never hurt in the day only at nite once ive took my bra of and im ready to get into bed lol.
If you wana chat more hun, add me as a friend:D
Hope your feeling ok.
Take care x x x
All osunds just fine hun! Congratulations!!! :happydance:
Congratulations everhopeful :lol: and welcome
Hey a massive congrats to you - well done!!!! My morning sickness has only kicked in over the last week however, my boobs have been sore for a good few weeks now, but everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. Enjoy the forum and here's to a happy and healthy 9 months :D
Thank you all for such lovely replies. This forum is such a great support! I hope you are all having a good day!

xx emmiexx - how do I add you as a friend?
and Sam 76 it would be great to saty in touch as we are roughly at the same stage!!

Thank you all once again!
Hiii welcome and congratulations!!:happydance:!!
I started getting sore boobs allmost straight away, before i even knew i was pregnant.
The morning sickness came at about 8 weeks for me..and i have still got it! Cant wait till it goes cos its horrible!

Congrats! :happydance: Mine started at 7/8 weeks and was real bad. U may be lucky and have none
I'm around 8 or 9 weeks and am just feeling sick last night and today.
I had sore boobs almost straight away, peeing a bit more but not too much and I have had waves of morning sickness, nothing major - a bit of heartburn though. Everyone and every pregnancy is different - my sister has had 4 kids and she had morning sickness for 2 of them only.

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