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Discussion in 'Pregnancy After A Loss' started by Fergie, Jan 30, 2011.

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    I had my first scan yesterday. All is looking good, baby was extremely active .. so active the sonographer had problems trying to get a clear picture for me & daddy !!.
    I had a good hour long chat with my OB Dr who went through a lot of my questions etc .. so why do i still feel anxious ??.

    I know what happened the last time is highly unlikely to ever happen again .. but still. Every little ache and i'm checking it with my mum if it's normal .. if i have a slightly heavier discharge i'm freaking. Am i ever gonna relax and just go with the flow ?.
    The Dr's were really pleased with me and have said that things look so well they don't feel the need to see me til my 20 week scan, however i know that if i need to they'll see me earlier. I just don't know ..
    I have no idea what a "normal" pregnancy is and i'm getting a lot of what would be termed cramping, i know it's cause i'm about 12 weeks now and everything is "on the move" but i'm still freaking out.

    Sorry ladies, i just needed to talk to someone who knows how i feel about it all. I'm so pleased i'm having a baby, but so terrified at the same time.

    Thanks for reading

    Fergie Xx
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    I think feeling scared during a pregnancy after a loss is completely normal even if baby and everything is doing fine. I held my breath during my scan until the technician mentioned something about the baby's heart beat. She took her sweet time doing it too!

    I've had lots of cramps this pregnancy--particularly between weeks 11 and 13. Shortly after that I started to pop out. I think it's just things shifting around. My SiL cramped throughout her pregnancy and my little niece is a very chubby and happy 5 month old.

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