First time home birth?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by Love Bunny, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Love Bunny

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    Was just wondering if any ladies have had or are hoping for a home birth first time round?

    I am planning on having my baby at home providing everything goes well as I'm not planning on having any injectable anethstesia ( Extreme fear of needles it took alot for me to even have my bloods! plus if women 200 years ago did it without - so can I ! ) only etinox if its available, and I just generally don't like hospitals and have a phobia of getting a deadly desiese or catching something nasty (completely irrational I know! but this way if have our baby at home at least I won't be stressing as much as I would be in hospital!) plus I think I will be able to relax more and take things at my own pace and feel alot more reassured knowing that someone (midwife) is going to be there guiding and reassuring me constantly.

    So I was wondering, whats the general procedure? How do I approach my midwife about this? (bearing in mind I'm in the process of moving doctors so she will be new to me!) Do you think it will matter being as I'm due really close to christmas/new year? What if I go into preterm labour? Will they make me go to hospital or will they come to me providing its not too early?

    Anything else I might find useful??

    All advice/experience welcome

  2. MeggieMoo88

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    Aug 9, 2009
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    It really depends on your mws and hospital, I know some won't even consider a first time home birth as you just don't know whats going to happen?? 2nd time round they are more open to it as they have your past history to go off?

    I think you can only have a home birth if you are over 37 weeks, if you go into labour before that then you have to goto hospital I think? Also if you go over 42 weeks I think you have to go into hospital to be induced, pretty sure they can't induce you from home (sorry all this info is just what I think, it might not be true but hopefully someone will correct me if i'm wrong)

    Have you thought about asking MW about birthing centre? They are meant to be as homely as possible and only offer gas & air...they wont give you an epidural in the birthing if you write a birthing plan and state that you do not want to have an epidural, then they will follow whatever you like, unless you really need it because baby is in distress etc.

    I hope some of this has helped you? Hopefully someone else will come along soon who has had a homebirth with their first and give you a few more tips or pointers?

  3. Love Bunny

    Love Bunny Guest

    Thanks hun :) like I said, any advice welcome! x
  4. lovedupgirl

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    Nov 18, 2008
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    Hey hun, Im planning a HB this time around(baby #4)
    Theres no reason at all that you cant try for a homebirth with your first baby.
    Midwifes and doctors can try and put you off but you actually have a LEGAL right to have your baby at home if you like, the NHS is legally obliged to provide any woman having their baby at home with a midwife.
    With this being baby #1 they may try to talk you out of it or say you CANT have a HB, this is actually a load of rubbish as they cannot legally refuse you if you stand your ground.

    Try googling and A.I.M.S and do some research, it is also a very good idea to write a letter to the supervisor of midwives in your area saying that you are having a HB and expect to be provided with a midwife, there will be info on the sites I have suggested about this:thumbup:
  5. ellie

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    Dec 4, 2008
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    i am planning this too, my mw was actually the one who suggested it at the early appointment, they are 'supposed' to (according to guidelines) encourage this these days and as someone else said they cannot refuse you as long as you remain low risk. I've yet to discuss it in detail with my mw, but i think i read somewhere that it has to be after 38 weeks and before 42 otherwise hospital?
    i have been advised as well to remain flexible, I really dont want to go into hospital (mine is pretty grim and there are loads of other reasons) but I have to stay open to the possibility that I will if there is a need.
    Also consider how far away you are from a hospital in case of emergency, and as opposed to a birthing centre, as if you or the baby need medical help in a birthing centre you still have to transfer to hospital. that was part of my decision, as my home is only 10 mins from the hospital but the birthing centre is about 30 minutes away.
    also read as much as you can about it so that you are prepared. there was a really long and ongoing thread in this section about homebirths.
    and good luck :)
  6. eswift

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    Jan 29, 2009
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    I've been advised to have a home birth... Odd I know, yes it's my 2nd babe...

    I must admitte my 1st labour was very quick 36 mins, and I live further away from the hospital this time... It has eased some of my anxieties knowing that I'll be as safe at home as I would in the hospital (they reduced the local hospital to 5 rooms, mw led, no Dr's on hand... If any difficulties arise it's ambulance to the other hospital 45 mins away...) To be honest the abulance trip would be the same from home as there without having to rush or panic about making it...:shrug:

    From my past experience, I only went to hospital as OH & my sister were gettingon my nerves; still can't tell you want a contraction feels like; I've been trying to rattle my brain for weeks...:shrug::dohh:

    I've asked on here about what's needed for a home birth, there seems to be a quite realistic list of things... And I was given a website to look at... I'll see if I can find the link...:thumbup:

    I called my mw after visiting the local hospital (been 10 years since my 1st) and wanted to see how things had changed... Apart from closing the ward, they hadn't even ended up viewing the room I gave birth in...:blush:

    A sugestion for a pain relieve free birth is hypnobirthing, I've read a great book and feel rather positive about the whole thing. I only used a TEN's Machine last time too and my sister has been an Angel and brought me one for this time too (loaned a friends years ago..):thumbup:

    A copy of the list I was given from the ladies on here is:

    birth ball
    log fire set up and ready to go
    plug in radiator to put babies towels on
    visqueen to protect floor 2m x 4m
    shower curtain 1.8m x 1.8m
    isotonic drinks
    plenty of tea, coffee, cakes, bread, just general stuff to eat...
    all baby cloths, nappies, breast pads, maternity pads etc, etc, etc are on tap....
    hospital transfer bag packed and ready to go....just in case,
    pethidine prescription
    old duvet and cover


    - A stack of old towels
    - waterproof matress protector (would advise everyone to get one incase your waters go in bed)
    - Disposable absorbent bed pads

    I've to see my mw next (week I think?) to see what she's giving me... She's been very supportive about it all. I really can't see that if there are no complications during your pregnancy why you shouldn't be able to have the home birth you'd like...:winkwink:

    I think my decision has been made for me, but I'm feeling very happy about it all... As OH works away during the night and isn't really in a job where he can be home short notice (HGV driver) I feel more at ease that if in doubt I call mw or GP and go from there... Hey, my take on pain relieve last time was if you don't need it, why have it? I still feel the same now...:blush:

    But I've invested in some new music cd's and planning on buying myself a stereo... I was using my DS cd player but that's rather past it's best now... And treating myself to some new lavander scented candles all I need now is to think of a new mantra and I'll be fine... I'll be so chilled it'll be a breeze... ok wishful thinking...:rofl::rofl: "Happy thought, happy thoughts..." :cloud9:

    DS was watch one baby tales with me as the lady in labour gritted her teeth and said "Right out you come now" He was rather stunned but then said "is that what you'll do Mum?" :rofl::rofl:Nah. I'm planning more pain, what pain approach...:blush:

    Anyway, I hope what I've put in helps, and might give you some food for thought... Have a look at the hypnobirthing website... Certainly made me feel more positive about the labour...

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