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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by cherryglitter, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Im a first-time mummy and im just curious! I love the idea of breastfeeding, but I want some HONEST opinions on it.

    A lot of my friends found it difficult due to just being so tired etc [that sounds awful..] so a lot of their babies have been bottle fed.

    Im very shy and I don't like the idea of breastfeeding in public, but can this be overcome with me just expressing milk? Is this suitable? I would breastfeed in my own home, but would bottle feed with expressed milk in public.

    Any knowledge would be great!! xxxx
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    Yes it IS knackering - but so is formula feeding. Simply having a new babs is gonna wear you out :flower:

    I had real trouble at first, my LO couldn't latch on and I was feeding with syringes.

    I'm like you and didn't like the idea of public feeding so I expressed a lot ( get yourself a good electric pump too) and I bottle feed him in public.

    This is a lot more work and you have the worst of both worlds - you're up feeding in the night but you're still sterilising bottles etc :wacko: you are tied to the couch either feeding or pumping at first :dohh:

    I've just bought a fleece sling for him and I may consider public feeding in it as you can't even tell there is a baby in there :happydance: let alone a boob.

    I have loved feeding him and if its what you want to do then go for it - but never let anyone make you feel crap for formula feeding if that turns out to be the best for you.

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    I'll be honest - feck me, it was hard at first! The first few days I had had little sleep for about 72 hours due to labour and then not being able to sleep after she was born (she was sleepy but I didn't dare in case she stopped breathing!) and this little baby wanted me all the time, wanted to be fed so often. The first day or so she slept a lot too, but on day 2 or 3 I fed her on and off from 5pm-2/3am. She'd fall asleep at the boob but cry when I put her down and I was so scared I'd fall asleep on her and smother her. I knew she was sucking so much to get my supply up but knowing that didn't help me to get any sleep!

    I got through that with help from the midwives (called them at 3am) by giving her a bottle of EBM late at night to help her sleep for a longer period and the next day I felt so much better... If I'd known how to safely lay down to feed so I could doze it would have made a huge difference, too.

    It has been tough at times since then but much easier than I'd thought and I never regretted bfing, not once. I truly don't see formula as the easy option - when she wants to be fed in the night I pick her up, lay her next to me and doze while she feeds. I don't have to mix up formula, mess about with the kettle, sterilise anything, warm anything... I don't have to faff about in public either, I just feed her. I'm hardly an exhibitionist but I've fed her in cafes, on buses, in shops, the library, on the side of the pool in my cossie - loads of places! You can express for public feeds or you can use a shawl or bfing cover, or just do it discreetly with clever clothing and positioning. You'd be surprised how soon you stop caring even if anyone did see anything!
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    it is tiring at first, but you do get used to it, I promise & usually as your LO gets older, they tend to space their feeds out a little bit more...

    I hate feeding in public, and my LO starts squirming if i try to cover him up or anything, so I often go to the car to feed my LO, or take some frozen EBM & an ice pack out with me if I know we're gonna be out for a while. At home, I dont care who sees- you're in my house & if you dont like it, leave, LOL!

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