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Sep 3, 2006
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A priest hooks a huge fish. Helping him reel it in, a sailor says "Whoa, look at the size of that Fcuker!"
"Hey, mind your language!" says the priest.
Embarrassed, the sailor thinks quickly and blurts out, " Sorry farther, but that's what this fish is called - it's a Fcuker fish"
Accepting the explanation, the priest forgives the sailor and takes The fish back to church.
"Look at this huge Fcuker" says the priest, spotting the bishop.
"Language, please! this is Gods house,"replies the bishop. "No, no - that's what this fish is called, " says the priest.
"Oh," says the bishop, scratching his chin "I could clean that Fcuker and we could have it for dinner".
So the bishop takes the fish, cleans it, and brings it to the mother superior. " Could you cook this Fcuker for dinner tonight?" he asks her.

"My, what language!"she exclaims, clearly shocked."No, sister that's what the fish is called - a Fcuker, " says the bishop. Satisfied with the
explanation, the mother superior says,"wonderful, I'll cook that Fcuker tonight, The Pope is coming for dinner!"
The fish tastes just great and The Pope asks where they got it.
"Well, I caught the Fcuker!" says the priest.
"And I cleaned the Fcuker!" says the bishop.
"And I cooked the Fcuker!" says the mother superior.
The Pope stares at them for a minute with a steely glaze, leans back On his chair, takes off his cap, puts his feet up on the table, pours himself a
whiskey and says " You know what?, You ****s are alright."
man walks into a fishmongers and asks if they sell fish cakes,"yes" come the reply, "oh good" says the man" its my gold fishes birthday"
Hey, I'm the funny one on this forum!!!

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