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Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by FierceAngel, Jan 26, 2011.

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    i wanted to switch luisa over to fluff but never did as i was back at work fulltime and oh (who is with her most of the day) wasnt keen..

    but now with the next lil one due to arrive soon (may) im thinking of switching luisa once my mat leave starts (end of march)

    my thinking is that if im going to be washing one set of nappies whats the harm in a few more.. (she doesnt use many nappies now- and i assume at 2+ she will start to use less and less?)

    so now for a few questions..

    is there any reason why i cant wash newborn and toddler nappies together?

    what size would a 2 year old need? she is quite small about 23lb at the moment (22 months)

    is it better to use disposables for a newborn for first few days until the sticky poop part is over!!

    thanks in advance!!!
  2. Aunty E

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    Oct 28, 2008
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    I used disposables in hospital (first three days) and on and off for the first couple of weeks because my nappies didn't fit. Once I got them fitting properly, it was all good. Never really saw a meconium nappy though, probably because most of it came out during the delivery ;) I guess if you have pretty fluff, you might not want to get it covered in the black sticky stuff. We're still using our terries mostly, but we've also been having fun with the motherease BTP terry nappies with a booster. They're huge (Mog still has them on the smallest waist size at 17 months) and they work really well with motherease wraps. We're using large at the moment and she has plenty of room to grow in them.
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    Yep you can wash newborn and toddler nappies together. The only time you might want to be careful is if one is ill or has thrush or anything, but you could either wash them separately or just do a hot wash (you'd do a hot wash on the poorly baby's nappies anyway, just in case).

    Different nappy brands come in slightly different sizes. At 23lbs you would probably be in larges but maybe in medium in some brands. Or you could go down the birth-to-potty route so they would fit from small to big.

    I think most mums use disposables for the first week or so with their first baby, but then when they have their second baby they use cloth straight away. Once you're already in the routine it would be no extra work to have a newborn in cloth but would be harder to have one in cloth and one in sposies. I plan to use cloth from the start this time.

    Before buying many nappies for your older LO, I'd probably just get one or two to try out. Most babies switch over fine but some older babies don't like the change (and it works the other way too, cloth bummed babies sometimes hate sposies). It could work in your favour though as lots of mums say that babies in cloth nappies potty train a bit earlier. I would definitely not buy a load of any one brand until you've tried them cos you never know which nappies will be best for you.
  4. LittlePants

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    Use size 2 or onesize for your older child. You can wash all your nappies together, no problem at all. I wouldn't ued disposables ever - the meconium is sticky, but you could use a flushable liner cut i half until it's al passed, or just some fleece liners which you can throw away if you want to. The mecomium will wash out though, and any stains left will eventually wash out.
  5. lynnikins

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    id start with Birth to potty nappies for your daughter as shes well inside the weight range on them then you will only have to buy smalls for the baby and once the babys big enough on sell the smalls for more BTP or Toddler size if your eldest outgrows the BTP ones,
    i put all the nappies in together when both my boys were in cloth, and id use disposible liners or cheap fleece ones for the first few days of meconium poo rather than using sposies

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