Fluid around the brain.

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    Hello ladies...I have a story to share and I just wanted to see if anyone is dealing or dealt with this before.

    I have a son Jack who will be 5 months on the 19th. He has two older brothers. 4 and almost 2.

    Jack was born 7 weeks premature and had many breathing problems and still to this day does. Other then that he was perfectly healthy.

    Well on Novemeber 11th, 2009 he was laying on the kitchen table and his 2yr old brother pulled him off . he fell 3ft to the floor on the back of his head.

    Long story short he was admitted to the hospital with a brain hemmorage in the front of his brain. He was there for 24 hours and did great. Neuro checks were perfect.

    WE went home and he had a seizure a day later. He was put on meds and has had two since. He's still on the meds and his EEG was normal. He will be on meds for a few months at least.

    Okay so at our last neuro appt the doctor had measured his head and it was 43.5 cm's. On the day of the accident his head was 41cm's. So they sent him for an MRI.

    THe results were that he has fluid around his brain and also a small bleed in the brain. The neruologist said that they will just montior him closely and wait and see what happens.

    Then on tuesday we had our follow up with the neurosurgeon that saw him in the hospital. I told him what the neurologist saw on the MRI and everything. They measuered his head and said it was 44.5cm's So thats another cm since 2 weeks ago.

    He went and looked at the MRI and came back and talked to me.

    He said that jack has fluid around the brain and that this may be from the fall but likely not. That it is causing his head to increase in size. He said that it's a mild form of hydropceplaus. That he isnt sure as of yet if he has it or not. He gave another long fancy name.....Beigne molprus early infancy...? Anyways he said that he will want to watch jack to see what his head does.

    His neuro checks are perfect and he seems fine. Other then his bigger head.

    He always has the bleed in the brain that is small and he said it will either reasorb back into the body or it will increase over time. He said there is no way to tell at this point and it could take months.

    Jack goes back in 2 months to see him...unless I notice changes in Jack.

    So Jack will need surgery to put in a shunt if this continues and then they would diagnose him with Hydropceplaus for the rest of his life.

    Jacks head has grown since birth...11cm's! I was told normal growth is about 1cm's a month. So he's way overboard.

    His head Circumference at
    birth was 33cm's. At 2 months it was 39, then at the fall which was almost 4months old..was 41. now it's a month since the fall and it's 44.5cm's.

    Everywhere I read they say if they go up 2 percentiles in the growth chart to be concerned.

    Has anyone had a child with the extra fluid on brain and rapid head growth? or a child with Hydropcephalus? What was the outcome.

    Any advice or anything would be great!

    The only measurements the neurosurgeon has is the 41, 43.5, and 44.5cm. He doesnt have his birth or 2 month old. He Jack went from 25th percentile to almost 90th....

    Please share your story or any advice would be great. Thanks so much for reading.
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    :hugs:I'm sorry i don't have any advice or experience of this, but didn't want to read and run. I hope they get to the bottom of things for you and you lo.
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    Alex had a big bleed to the brain just after birth - its certainly common in preemies!

    She then ended up with the fluid on the brain, and we had to wait and see if it would drain away - it was like in terms of plumbing - once the bleed reabsorbed we hoped it would then drain away. It did.

    I know in a another case alexs little friend had the same as her, but the fluid did build up too much and he had a few shunts to drain it away.

    Im sorry I cant help much but i thought i would share our story, thought it may help?

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