fluid loss? *tmi*



OK at my app on tuesday the doctor said my scans show i've lost alot of fluid and had i noticed? well, obvs i hadn't noticed, but 5 mins ago just sitting here started running down my leg a bit, nothing major, it's clear and runny but when i touch it it feels abit sticky, and its managed to come through my underwear and right down my thigh, i've had it before but just put it down to discharge, im assuming it's discharge now but was just curious as to what you's thought?
Id say normal discharge. At this stage in pregnancy discharge can be really watery etc and very increased. If your worried at all put a pad on for an hour and if its soaked through then i would give labour ward a call and get it checked. If it doesnt soak through a pad within an hour, i would just put it down as normal discharge. :) XxX
I agree with Ema. Just keep an eye on it hon and just keep track. x x
:hugs: yup think Ema said it all!! Just keep her in there i'm making bets for the 16th :lol:
16th is my grandpa's b-day, was kind of hoping my bubs would come then haha... But I highly doubt it...

Anyways, I wouldn't worry about it Luhweez... You are just about fullterm anyhow. I was also told that small amounts of leakage is ok. Also keep in mind that the amniotic fuild is flushed and replaced regularly, so you need to make sure you drink lots of fluids, because they can be low this way too.
I think Ema's summed it up in the first reply! I'm sure it's fine sweetie x x

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